Friday, March 29, 2013

"Hoppy" Easter From Rose!!

Meet "Valentine", Rose's plush bunny rabbit toy. Do you like "her"? Good!! Enjoy Valentine in this picture!! Because, despite Valentine being, perhaps, the cutest dog toy yet that I had purchased Rose, she mostly abandoned her!! So, eventually, I performed a little "operation" on Valentine. Yes, I cut her open. Like surgeons did to me all those years ago!! I pulled out cotton fluff. Next, I retrieved Valentine's clear plastic squeaker. I then stuffed everything into an old white sock and created a hideous-looking toy. Which, Rose loved!! Go figure!!

Happy Easter, Blogging Friends!!   

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

An Afterthought

Blogging Friends.... Well, I was up past 2AM, working on little miss "Secretive Writing Project", nothing but a can of Sprite in my system!! Because, apparently. My creative "Brain Juices" can reemerge during the wee early hours of morning, transforming me into some nighttime fantasy character!! Because last night. I. Was. Alert!! It was two freakin' o'clock in the morning, and, not only was I writing, my brain literally working at one-hundred miles-per hour, but--get this!!--I'd also Googled certain subjects!! For research!! All the while as this little thing called "sanity" told me that I was supposed to be sleeping!! But I could not turn my Brain Juices off!! I guess this is the price you pay for being a "creative" individual....?      
Afterthought. I replied Molly the Wally's comment earlier this morning. I thought that both comments should be posted on Beautifully Unique.
Molly: Wow your project is nearly complete and we too wonder what next?  
Me: Do you mind yet another Robert Downey Jr. reference? I hope not, because here it comes!! The other day, I was talking to my {Very smart for his age!!} nine-year old cousin about "Iron Man 3", whether or not RDJ will ever return as Tony Stark and how once RDJ was recently quoted as saying something to this effect: "People are continuously asking me what are your next plans? Here's the thing. I haven't any. And I've always been like that.". He is "in the moment". A good way to live, I told my cousin. Because, really? Whose Plans do my future hold, anyway? God's!! For the first time in so many years, I see that now....
I still haven't a clue as to what I'm going to do with myself when this "Secretive Writing Project" is complete. But God does, so an opportunity shall arise!!
Happy Wednesday!! 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hot Dog!!

This was Shadow on a high-temperature Summer day. It had been so hot, that my Dad claimed to have witnessed our feline, Katrina panting like some tiger at the zoo!! If Shadow looks a bit overweight, that is probably because she was. Middle-aged, and obese. Lest anybody wonder, those twain factors did not end Shadow's life.  
I have been--knock on wood--so very happy lately!! Because, apparently, having tasks such as my "Secretive Writing Project" somehow gives this little existence of mine purpose. Plus meaning. And staying awake night after night past 12AM working on this Project--however unhealthy may it seem--swiftly became thrilling!! I have even jokingly called it my "nightlife", as though I'm out partying hard to get drunk!! Yeah. Like that is ever going to happen!! Relax. I'm not that insane!! I am, however on a "high" of the sorts right now. Like when some Olympic gold medalist returns to America, and, after his whirlwind success he then appears listless. My "Secretive Writing Project" is nearly finished. I think!! See, I wrongly thought it was finished in December!! Oops. Now a question has resurfaced within my mind since then. Ready? What am I going to do with myself {Except for catch up on some much missed sleep!!} after this project is finally complete? Answer? I haven't a clue.  


Friday, March 22, 2013

Weird Dog

This is Rose lying on my bed and "her" home-made Boston Red Sox pillow. When I was interested in baseball, which "retired" so to speak alongside pitcher Curt Schilling. Moving on.... Rose seldom ever "smiles" with her mouth, unlike Shadow used to. No. Rose "smiles" with her "happy" tail!! Now, for a weird fact. Because I am an oddball who observes strange things!! Rose will oft "smile" like this--self-satisfied--after licking her butt!! That is what she was doing. "Smiling" after licking her butt. I have a weird dog!! I like to lovingly call Rose "butt breath" during these moments!! Weird. Huh. It takes one to know one, I guess!!   



Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shadow & Katrina

Meet Katrina. She joined our family on October 18th 2005. Katrina and Shadow actually got along together, occasionally playing "games". Now if only Katrina could be as nice to Rose. She is a cosmic pain in the butt with my little girl!! Seriously!! Standing in doorways so that Rose cannot walk through during feedings, biting Rose's ever-moving "happy" tail.... Shadow looked quite content sharing her "flashy beast" moment with Katrina, didn't she?
On an unrelated note, the other day, I was looking at a particular fan-made Web site which features Robert Downey Jr. pictures. This person happens to like pictures of RDJ young. So there were several consecutive photographs of that ex-bad boy. This threw me off the edge emotionally!! Which actually shocked me a bit. So, while I was supposed to be working on my Secretive Writing Project, emotions instead wrote this. Bare with me. Because I thought I'd share it. I, of course made a few changes from the other day's version, because writers are never satisfied with their work!!    
When I see pictures of Robert Downey Jr. as a young, "ne'er do right 20-something" drug addict, how does this make me feel? Do I think he looked hot? Sexy? Cute? Like everybody else seemingly does? No!! Whenever I see young pictures of Robert Downey Jr., my heart breaks for his old self. Breaks. And I feel the impulsive urge to "photoshoot" in a few details. Such as his facial laugh lines which I find oddly attractive. Plus some silver hairs. I feel the impulsive urge to make his eyes--which I love, love, love!!--less dark, sad, and desolate. I want Robert Downey Jr. sobered up. I somehow want to save him, even though I know he is fine now. And, lastly, I feel the impulsive urge to "photoshoot" in 20 years.   
Afterthought. For those of you who like young pictures of Robert Downey Jr., I respect that. These are simply my thoughts and feelings.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Professional Photographs

These pictures--snapped on December 30th, 2011--were professionally taken by our friend, Doreen. What a gift it was for her to bless me with these!!


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Last Picture

This was Shadow. Snapped on Tuesday, June 15th, 2010, our last day together. My "Sweet Sunshine". Shadow had been experiencing falls and seizures periodically since February. On June 14th, around 9:30 PM, Shadow collapsed.... Not far from where I am sitting right now. She was unable to pull herself back up, heedless of many, many, many failed attempts. Which I helplessly watched. This picture was snapped of a very, very confused Shadow, "smiling" despite having urinated all over herself due to "holding it" all night long. Shadow only ever had twain accidents in nearly ten 1/2 years. I cannot say the same about Rose!! But I love that crazy hound!! I stayed by Shadow's side nearly all night long on June 14th, achieving merely two hours' sleep. Which. I admit was an insane act of love, being literally sleep-deprived the day you say good-bye to your baby. I was so numb as resulted when we euthanized Shadow. But I would do it again in a heartbeat. For that last night together was our "farewell party". Which God graciously bestowed upon us. And we made every second count. I will never forget that.  


Friday, March 8, 2013

A First Picture

Blogging Friends.... Robert Downey Jr. was once quoted as saying--during film production of "Sherlock Holmes"--"Go for broke and exempt all clichés if possible.". Ah, eccentrics!! You have got to love them!! Apparently, I do!! If Robert Downey Jr.--and Johnny Depp for that matter!!--are any proof of this, eccentrics not only act, dress, or speak oddly, they dare to be different!! Almost fearlessly!! Who'd have guessed that, as I've struggled mightily for years with being different, learning disabled, weird, and somewhat crazy, a world-known eccentric like Robert Downey Jr. would somehow encourage the message of "it is okay to be unique, so long as you are real"? Not me.... Why is it, exactly, does society think of "weird" as negative, anyway? Robert Downey Jr. seemingly embraces it!! "Go for broke and exempt all clichés if possible.". What I love about that quote is the very fact that it could be my life motto!! I should have spoken those words!! See, I've never done things quite like everyone else. After all, I was a female "cranio baby", remember? And, my Blog, Beautifully Unique is not exempt. While most Web sites contain pictures--and I enjoy them!!--mine never has. Because I am no photographer. I'm a writer!! I have considered posting photographs, and making Beautifully Unique just like everybody else's Blogs. Especially during its early days. But, then I came to truly love my picture-less Blog!! Because it is different. However, for the time being, as I continue to work hard on my "Secretive Writing Project", I shall post photographs. Enjoy!!

This is a first picture of Rose. Just look at those colossal brown "Beagle" eyes that I love so much!! They still seemed very sad and insecure. As though her eyes alone questioned: Are you my Mama? Is this where I will spend forever? Am I going to feel happy here....?



Tuesday, March 5, 2013


This was not part of my plans today, as I ran through a mental list just last night before bed. Saying good-bye to our dear Friend Remington. Not part of my plans at all. I was going to work on that Secretive Writing Project which is gradually making progress. Check. I was going to catch up on my "people Blogs". Check. I was going to spend some quality time with Rose. Check. I was going to wander my way through Blogville, stopping by, happily making the rounds. And then I saw it. On Dachshund Nola's Web site. Eight Blogs up in my overcrowded Favorites section. These words. Please leave your condolences for Remington's Family. Run free, big guy. My heart sank. Literally. Deep, deep, deep into my chest like some doomed ship. No need to wonder why it feels as though I've just lost a Dear Friend. Because I have. One of the most beautiful things about being part of an online community which revolves around animals, is also the most heartbreaking. Death. If you're anything like me--and most pet-lovers are--we become attached to these beautiful creatures on a deeply sentimental level. Deeply sentimental. We love these animals as though they belong to us. Every canine "met" instantaneously becomes like ours. So when one passes on, we, too, are heartbroken. Remington was knowledgeable about the full moons in our nighttime skies, and he always posted about them every month. Afterward, I shared what I'd learned with my Mom. As resulted, Remington was quite popular around here.... Even though I am the only one who visits Blogville!! An oft-common phrase I would proudly declare was: "That's what Remington said!!"!! I now know more about our full moons, their names and legends because of this one big hairy black Friend of mine!! He educated me!! Remington was seemingly an "old soul". Wise beyond his years. One would have never guessed that he was only four. Way too young for cancer. Remington left us with some valid, sound advice. It is written on his Blog, but I thought that I'd pass it along here. Oh, I miss him already....
Always think good thoughts, they make you happy….bad thoughts just make you sad.
Be nice to others and smile a lot….don’t hold grudges and frown, it makes for an unhappy life.
Be kind to all creatures....for they all need to be loved.
Play, dance and do things that bring joy to your life….
you need to make the most of the time you have….
so why not make that time the happiest you can.
Relax, don’t worry so much,
don’t ever go to bed angry,
always say your prayers and
trust in God for He takes care of His children. ~Remington

My calendar picture for the month of March is a lovely lily field with the words: Live life happy! This was Remington's motto. I just know it....
Please stop by Remington's Blog at: and wish his grieving family well. Then, while you are at it, send Sasha some love at:, because she was his Girlfriend.

Friday, March 1, 2013


There is an oft used phrase which experts deploy. So much so that it verges on being cliché!! "Life is a balancing act.". For we juggle work, children, plus downtime.... Often throughout one hectic day!! Being clumsy, I have never been blessed with good balancing skills!! As a child, we used to partake in gymnastics. Whenever our strict, martial-arts-master-at-heart instructor "encouraged" me on the balance beam, I would panic!! Literally!! Especially regarding their dreaded highest beam. I would say, my heart rapidly pounding, voice squealing, "I can't!! No"!! To which our "Karate Kid"-like teacher curtly responded: "Never say can't!!" He was less patient and gentle than the middle-aged man who worked alongside us for several years. And yet, you wonder why I love "old guys"? Well, for reasons beyond my comprehension, I've never forgotten this instructor, whose guts--at the time--I hated. I have recently surprised myself. How so? Because. If life truly is a balancing act, then I can walk that high bean--confidently, for the most part--without falling!! To explain, I am freakin' busy right now!! Rose, of course, receives quality time. She will telepathically communicate with me by licking my fingers, and softly whining when I have been a bit preoccupied!! Mama!! Oh, Mama!! Need. Attention. NOW!! I own a pushy little girl. And I love it!! I attempt to maintain Beautifully Unique twice a week, keeping fresh stories about Rose coming. I soar through Blogville, making the rounds, always, always, always glad that I'd stopped by my dear Friends' Web sites!! Oh!! And my "people" Blogs which I have discovered along the way? I feel equally glad whenever I'm reading/commenting on them!! And then there is my "Secretive Writing Project". Whew!! I have balance--as I'm being pulled and stretched like some rubber band--but I will not snap apart. For twain reasons. Because I have already snapped apart. Countless times. And, because God will not give me more than I can handle!! Life is good.... I was reading someone's Blog earlier this morning. She posted five interesting queries, plus personal answers. So!! Because my life seems freakin' busy. Because all I want to do is work on that "Secretive Writing Project". Hopefully, it will be complete sometime in May!! Because stories about Rose have temporarily been dammed up. I thought that we could do something fun today. I will post the questions from this Blog. Give my answers. And, in comment form, you can share yours!! Ready?                 
1. What was the most productive thing you have done this week? I have worked late, late, late at night on my "Secretive Writing Project". Apparently, creative "Brain Juices" flow like some mighty raging river in the wee morning hours!! Needless to mention, I have made progress on it!!
2. Enjoying the winter or ready for spring? Spring is my very favorite season!! I love the warmer weather, blossoming flowers, singing birds, rainbows, hailstorms, thunder/lightning.... I oft suffer from headaches and/or minor asthma attacks during Spring, which has only occurred recently. Nonetheless. I still love that season!!
3. Are you an introvert or extrovert? Is your spouse the same as you? Interesting question. Firstly, I am not married. I don't have a boyfriend, either!! I am an extrovert. After all, here have been some deeply personal life details which I've shared on Beautifully Unique!! However. I crawl into an imaginary turtle shell during most social gatherings!! Because I'm so weird, I guess. So, I suppose this qualifies me as being both? I am a mutt!!
4. Would you rather go without music or television for 1 year? Hmmm. Music--especially anything with rhythm--is somehow therapeutic to me!! But, then again, I have never really been much of a television watching person. So. I do not have an answer to this query!!
5. Have you ever been truly scared of someone? Yes. Well, he made me feel uncomfortable, anyway!! Does that count? Several years ago, my youngest brother and I used to play "baseball" on our neighborhood Elementary School's field. We met and befriended several diverse people. Including a rough-around-the-edges neighbor. My "watch-out-this-dude-is-dangerous" intuition tingled, like Spidey Senses. He was often seen--and heard!!--running across the street after his canine, shouting expletives. My intuition, I would later learn, was wrong. Very, very, very wrong. One afternoon, we talked. Well, he talked. I had no idea what this guy had lived through!! His only daughter--who I'd already met--had Cerebral Palsy. Beautiful girl. Phaedra has truly impacted my life!! This guy talked--with the F-bomb spoken literally every other word--opening up to me, as though I were some licensed therapist. And I listened. As a sheltered Home-schooled then-21-year old, I had never heard the F-bomb spoken so freely before. But, I looked past that. Because this guy desperately needed a therapy session. Afterward, we were friends!!
Alright. Your turn!! I think that this is going to be fun!!