Wednesday, April 4, 2012

By My Side

Blogging Friends....
There was meant to be a post on Tuesday. But, life does not always go as planned!! Because we ran into various complications!! Computers!! Oh well, here it is now!!

Rose never ceases to amaze me, every day, as my social, well-behaved girl!! She loves people. Not to mention other dogs. And she enjoys it whenever we host party-like functions!! Are you kidding me?! The food!! Desserts!! New smells!! Family and friends!! Bring. It. On!! Rose would vehemently express.... If only she could talk!! Rose is always present during Easter Sunday gatherings, when our relatives come over. For her safety, I keep the red leash on until everybody's arrival. Then.... She's free!! During Thanksgiving dinner, our extended family is larger, with additional people. This includes my mother's cousin's ex-wife, who, based on my observation alone, seems terrified of canines. Which, I could be wrong about!! But I try to respect people's feelings and apprehensions. Not everyone likes dogs, sadly!! So, during our Thanksgiving Day celebrations, Rose remains securely attached to my right wrist!! The entire time!! Not that she minds, or anything. Rose can see the people, smell delicious foods, and is frequently pet by relatives!! Score!! Rose would say. And, honestly? I actually prefer having Rose leashed during such functions. This way, even though she is wonderful, everything's under complete control!! Plus, I do not have to keep a vigil eye on all things chocolate!! Phew.... I can relax about that!! The other day, I invited Rose to something entirely different. A baby shower!! That's right!! With zero men in attendance. My fussy infant niece. Our adorable, very chatty nearly three-year old second cousin. Excitable voices rising at times during a clothespin game.... I knew, sans any doubts, that Rose would be under her best behavior. Why not? Other than some serial high-pitched bays, she always is!! Once people arrive, my girl calms down!! Every time!! But not without some effort on my behalf!! Rose's baying, as I have learned since adopting her, is instinctive. All of her Beagle "ancestors" were most likely boisterous. She cannot control that baying any more than I regarding my short-term memory loss!! Seriously!! Do I deal with Rose's baying? Yes. I do!! I've attempted everything--including gently using my hand as a makeshift "muzzle"--but have since given in to this neat thing called "acceptance"!! Every dog owner needs that along the diverse paths we travel!! Have I given up on dealing with Rose's baying? No!! I recently discovered that Rose grows more hyperactive when I am not under control, myself. And, like a toddler's temper tantrum.... Her baying can sometimes be overwhelming!! There's nothing you can do about it!! But Rose's baying is not a behavioral issue, like I initially thought. So, I stroke her fur with an intense understanding, then calmly express "Ssshhing" sounds!! Once she is quiet, I softly say: "Good girl....". Then we resume whatever it was we were doing!! My infant niece is a sound sleeper, thankfully, so there are zero worries about Rose's incredible vocal chords awakening her. But still, I was taking no chances. As guests filed through our white magnetic living room door, I lead Rose toward them, away from my infant niece. And while she bayed and carried on with each "new" face, I did my thing. Rose calmed down!! And, as I sat in a chair toward the back, Rose by my side, everything seemed flawless!! She and I only experienced one minor incident. As soon as we started, my nearly three-year old second cousin was playing "peek-a-boo" from beneath the chair in front of Rose. She began to whine. I wanna meet that little girl!! Rose practically protested. A whine, as I have learned, always leads to baying!! So I walked Rose back toward our living room, stroked her velvet-soft fur, and calmly expressed "Ssshhing" sounds. Shortly thereafter, we returned. Everything ran smoothly from then on. She is such a good girl!!


Ruby said...

Great training! I know it takes time and effort, but it is so worth it. It is also encouraging that she is listening to you!

Raelyn said...

Ruby.... I appreciate your comment!!
Well, for the most part, Rose entered my life submissive, obedient and well behaved!! Score!! ;op
But as for her baying--which she has zero control over--and my theory that if I am calm myself.... So far so good!! ;-}