Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Strawberry Cream Cheese Treats

Blogging Friends.... So, I wrote a letter to Robert Downey Jr. This you know. Well.... After literally agonizing and freaking out about it to the point of heart-racing panic for three weeks, I have decided against ever sending my letter. Because. After my mind returned to reality, I rationally thought through several concepts. Like this. Chances are--as much as I would have loved to believe that Robert Downey Jr. reads every single letter--that is impossible. I wonder how many fans write him on a daily basis? And this. Chances are, my letter could end up in the wrong hands. I wanted Robert Downey Jr. to read it. Nobody else!! And this. Chances are, my efforts to thank him for profoundly impacting my life as Tony Stark/Iron Man would have been pointless. So. Oddly, I am at peace--for the very first time in three weeks--about not sending my letter. Peace. Just do not mention that Robert Downey Jr. will live out the rest of his life never knowing. Because I might cry.... But, other than that, I am over it!!  
What does one do--when you're me--during such circumstances as deciding against sending a Hollywood movie star her letter? You be resilient. Move forward. You take everything out on soft, Parmesan cheese-scented dough!! Punching, pounding, and throwing it against your flour-sprinkled kitchen countertop until disappointment and feeling like some delusional idiot who let her Blogging Friends down vanishes. Who'd have known that by doing so would prove as therapy? Because, with every punch, pound and throw, I was shooing negative feelings out of my system!! I could feel it. So, February 14th was Valentine's Day. I'd planned to try a new recipe out of the dog treat cookbook which I received for Christmas. On Valentine's Day. But, plans changed!! So, I baked the recipe yesterday, instead!! Better late than never!! The timing was definitely preordained by God, though. Because, apparently, I needed a "dough therapy" session!! While baking this recipe, Rose sampled some ingredients. It turns out that my food-lovin' girl likes strawberry cream cheese. I concur!! I like it too!! And Parmesan cheese, as well!!

 Rose would rate this recipe four "paws" way, way up!!

Valentine Heart Sandwiches

These sweet little sandwiches are a great way to tell your dog "I love you." The strawberry in the cream cheese is just for color (though dogs seem to think it's tasty). You can reverse the colors by putting some raspberries in the cookie batter (or a drop or two of red food coloring) and using plain cream cheese in the middle. Of course, any shape cookie cutter will work, but the heart shape makes a fun Valentine's Day treat.

3 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 cup white cornmeal or oat bran {I used cornmeal!!}
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese {I added a little more for an extra cheesy taste!!}
1 egg, beaten {I whisked my egg, because I'm a rebel!!}
1 cup of milk
Soft strawberry cream cheese

Preheat the oven to 350 F. Combine the flour, cornmeal, or oat bran, and Parmesan cheese in a large bowl. Add the egg and milk. Stir into a soft dough, {It was soft.... Like Play-Doh!!} using your hands to incorporate all the flour. {I just mashed it with my large spoon!!} Roll to 1/8 inch thickness. {Yeah.... I refused to follow that rule!! Next year, however, I will make them thinner!!} Using a heart-shaped cookie cutter, cut out cookies and place on a baking sheet covered with greased or non-stick foil. {Apparently, getting over never sending Robert Downey Jr. my letter transformed me into a serious rebel--I broke every rule for this recipe!!--Because I never lay greased foil on our pan!! Oh well!! The hearts did not stick!!}
Optional: To ensure that the sandwich cookies don't puff up too much (and thus make the sandwiches too thick) {They did puff up, hence the reason why next year I will make them thinner!!} cover them with foil and place another (empty) baking sheet on top of them before putting in oven. {I did not follow that rule, either. But, in my own defense, it was optional!!}
Bake for 20 minutes {I baked nine at a time for 28 minutes.} or until the tops are brown. Cool on wire rack. {Whoops!! I forgot that rule!! Oh well!!} Once the cookies are cool, place a small amount of strawberry cream cheese between two cookies to form a sandwich.
Confession. I am a perfectionist!! Which, I have mentioned on Beautifully Unique before!! That being said, I stressed way too much about making each heart equally-sized. But. Not so much that I lost my joy while making them!! Taylor Swift sang in the CD player, I hummed along, with Rose underfoot, excitedly anticipating her treats!! I frost the strawberry cream cheese on as Rose is being served. But, only because of limited refrigerator space!! The sandwiches are too thick for Rose's mouth, so, I cut them into pieces each time before serving her!! Which, is a good idea. Because, knowing my girl, she would roll on the cookies, smearing strawberry cream cheese into both the great room carpet and herself!!           






scotsmad said...

We do not care what they look like. It's the taste...and they sound scrumptious.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Raelyn said...

Daisy, Bella & Roxy....
Thank-you for the comment!!
So this is what happens when I stay up and do not turn off our computer immediately following a Blog post.... I get your comment!! ;op

Molly The Wally said...

Now they sound scrumptious! Hmm drooling over the keyboard right now. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
Best wishes Molly

Raelyn said...

Thank-you for the comment!!
They taste good!! Trust me on that one!! ;op

RYKER said...

Those sound devine! Ryker loves cheese in any form or flavor.

Raelyn said...

Thank-you for the comment!!
Rose loves cheese in any form or flavor, too!! ;op

Soggibottom said...

You can email me yer know :-) EASIER :-) x x x than cryptic x x x x x x

Raelyn said...

Freya Rose Blossom....
Thank-you for the comment!! ;op