Monday, February 27, 2012

Score Three For Mutts!!

Last Wednesday, in my blog post entitled: "Twenty-five Percent", I wrote how, according to observation alone, more Americans favor purebred canines over mixed breeds. Sad, but true. I expressed that the percentage of homeless, unloved mongrels living in my local Humane Society was higher than those with an actual "Pedigree". This observation literally depresses me. I counted two mutts--including Rose--which currently reside on our suburban cul-de-sac. Well.... I left out three mongrels. Deliberately. Because I do not know this neighbor, John, and couldn't remember his dogs' "breeds". The other day, Will, a sweet, sensitive young boy who enjoys stroking Rose's velvet-soft fur, reminded me what kind of canines they were. At his grandparents' house, where Will resides, are four colossal-sized dogs. One Labrador Retriever. Plus her offspring. Which are three Labrador Retriever/Weimaraner crosses!! So we actually have thirteen canines around our cul-de-sac, not nine. Along with Rose, Zeke, and the three Labrador Retriever/Weimaraners, there are five mutts!! However, purebreds still rule our cul-de-sac. With the additional Labrador Retriever, there are eight "pedigrees" that reside here. When I adopted Rose, in September 2010, three mixed breeds shared our cul-de-sac!! Sammy, the Schnauzer/Poodle, who, sadly, recently moved away. Zeke. And, of course, Rose!! Then, last Summer, John moved in with his dogs. I think that Rose, my random-bred Beagle/German Shepherd cross, has started a mutt trend, or "club", if you will, around here!! We shall call it "Beautifully Unique!!" Okay. I admit. That is just silly!! But, nevertheless, score three for mutts!!


Stacey said...

sounds like a good club! I actually prefer mongrels, they're so unique and not to mention healthier! Love these posts as they're something I'm passionate about :-)

Raelyn said...

Thanks for the comment!!
I love how much you and I have in common!! And we've never even met!! ;-D