Sunday, June 15, 2014

Four Years

Blogging Friends.... Today is a double date. How so? It is Father's Day. {Hi Dad!! I love you!!} And.... It has also been four years since I lost my first Beautifully Unique girl, Shadow. Wow. Four years. Oddly enough, it does not feel like that much time has passed {No pun intended!!}. It feels less than four years somehow. I wondered why this is. Then it occurred to me. Shadow may have been gone all these years {And I still miss her!!} but these four years have been spent creating new memories with Rose!! That is why. {Which fills my heart with abundant gratitude for Rose!!} Here is a poem that I composed about Shadow approximately two weeks after she passed.

During that dreadful, dreadful night when you fell;
Nobody could predict death, no one could tell;
But it was such a hard collapse;
Did your hips quit on you, perhaps?
Trying hard to get up, this proved a losing fight;
So I stayed by your side nearly all through the night;
For ten years you've been faithful toward me;
This was my time to show loyalty!
Farewell, Shadow Sunshine, farewell....
You've left lots of stories to tell!
Wherever I go;
You will be missed so.

Sorry for posting only once last week. That was unintentional!! We were experiencing some internet issues on Friday and Saturday, which prevented me from signing into my Blogs!! Darn computer!! The issues have been fixed!! Obviously!! Also. I know that I have been a stranger to all of your Blogs. Sorry!! I shall return!! Someday....     


Molly The Wally said...

Sweet words for one truly missed.
Happy Farther's day to your daddy and have a lovely serene Sunday.
Best wishes Molly

Raelyn said...

Thank-you for the comment, Friend!!
"Sweet words for one truly missed." Awww.... Thanks, Friend!! ;op