Friday, October 3, 2014

October Is Adopt A Dog Month!!

Blogging Friends.... Radio silence. That seems to be how I am rolling these days regarding posting on Beautifully Unique!! Sigh.... Truth be told? I have a particular Blog post in the works, but set it aside for about five days to write my October fictional children's book!! Yep. Because some priorities take precedence!! But cheers to October {Although we will become happily preoccupied with watching my nieces, "Amethyst" and "Opal" three days a week soon!!} here's to resurrecting Beautifully Unique!! I do mean that. Love you later.

Look for my October fictional children's book to be posted on Minuscule is good! {Lord willing!!} tomorrow!!

October. I love, love, love this month!! Trees' leaves gradually transform into bright, cheery hues. Pumpkin patches reopen. The mornings become crisp, our days get shorter. Constant rainfall is inevitable, as we go about life silently awaiting its downpour. Mmmm....Well, October also happens to be Adopt A Dog Month!! That's right. Adopt A Dog Month!! Rose is--thus far!!--the first canine that I rescued from our local shelter. Allow me to express something. I hope that every canine who enters my existence from here on is adopted!! Because. Doing so has profoundly changed my life!! I hope to always either adopt from some shelter, or a rescue organization. See. Adopting Rose, our then-three-year old "second chance" mutt, has been, personally, one of my life's most rewarding experiences!! How so? Because I provided a loving home for this Beautifully Unique four-legged creature!! She was once kenneled in our local shelter like some convicted criminal. Homeless and desolate. Now, she is mine!! I am so very, very, very blessed to own Rose!! I'm also feeling inspired now. With this being Adopt A Dog Month, I want every future canine who enters my existence to be rescued throughout October!! Why not? There are seemingly endless canines available for adoption year-round. Plus 31 days in October!! 31 freakin' days!! This may sound like some oddball, far-out notion. But to me? It's really quite logical!!

This is taken from a HealthyPets e-mail. I received it in 2011, but the information should still be up-to-date!!

--Adopt A Dog Month--

If you feel like there's a void in your life, you can make a difference in two lives as October is Adopt A Dog Month. The ASPCA started Adopt A Dog Month to promote and raise awareness of the millions of dogs that live in shelters, places not fit to be called a home. Shelter dogs don't nearly have the amount of space or the amount of love they deserve. Also keep in mind that thousands of pets that do not get adopted are euthanized due to lack of shelter space. You can do your part in many ways; here are a few helpful ideas to get the gears going.

Adoption: The best way to help a shelter dog is to bring one into the comfort of your home. Visit local shelters and share that love connection that will keep you and your new pooch's relationship going on for years. For those who absolutely prefer purebred varieties, an estimated 25% of purebreds are found in shelters. {And, where does that leave mutts? In the 75 percentile!! So, do not exclude mixed breeds from this!! Adopt a mutt!!} Some shelters offer discounts or waive adoption fees. Contact local shelters to find out what they offer.

Donations: Not everyone has the time or money to invest in a new pet - you can still do your part by donating supplies, money or your time. Local animal shelters depend on the kindness of strangers' help aside from what little government funds they receive to keep the shelter going. You can do your part by volunteering to help walk dogs, clean cages or whatever tasks that may be needed.

Events: Attending and volunteering in pet-related events is a fun way to participate in pet awareness. Attending shelter fundraisers and pet fairs are ways to help people understand how important pet adoptions can be. Even if you are unable to adopt a pet, you can help bring awareness to those who can devote their time to a new family member.

Other Ways: Information is key to preventing the growth of pets being admitted into animal shelters. Pet behavior trouble is one of biggest reasons why owners turn dogs into shelters. You can do your part by informing new pet owners what struggles they may face in the early stages of owning a pet.


Molly The Wally said...

It is always heart warming to read about adoptees who have found their forever homes. We wish it could be like that for all. Have a super Saturday.
Best wishes Molly

Raelyn said...

Thank-you for the comment, Friend!!
"It is always heart warming to read about adoptees who have found their forever homes." I can't but agree!! ;-D
"We wish it could be like that for all." As do I. As do I!! ;op