Friday, July 8, 2011

I Swear By Pumpkin

Last November, I learned something very important about canines that literally saved Rose from being returned to the shelter where we adopted her: Pumpkin is a natural dog laxative. "Really? I didn't know that!!" While we were struggling with Rose's accidents which occurred whenever I left home, my neighbor Deborah suggested that we try this laxative. She fed it to her miniature Schnauzer, Sophie as a puppy. At that point, besides Rose's accidents, she had also become constipated.... Twice. This worried me!! So I asked Deborah if there was "some sort of fruit we could give Rose to help control her bowel movements". Deborah replied rather nonchalantly: "Yes. Pumpkin." I had never heard of such a thing!! And I am a veteran canine owner!! I have been sharing my existence with these beautiful creatures for well over ten years!! This just goes to show you that one is never finished learning!! So twain nights later, at 9:50 PM, I opened a can of pumpkin. Found one tablespoon. Dug it into the can of pumpkin. Called Rose over. Served it to her. My treat-loving mongrel, of course, instantaneously liked pumpkin!! Deborah warned that this laxative may take a few days to work its way through Rose's system. Be patient, she said. But twain days later, we saw immediate results!! I continue to serve Rose a tablespoon of pumpkin each night at 9:50 PM. She even excitedly anticipates it!! My bright girl seemingly understands the word pumpkin!! Seriously!! I am not imagining things!! Some nights, I will say: "Rose, ready for some pumpkin?" and that is all it takes!! She comes bounding into our kitchen, awaiting her laxative. Other nights, I pull a pumpkin can out of the refrigerator. Walk up to our counter. And simply pound it against the surface. This catches Rose's attention!! Into our kitchen she bounds, sits, then patiently waits!! Rose's forehead furrows and her ears perk as I prepare it. My dog's tongue licks the air. I serve it to her. She laps the pumpkin off its tablespoon. Makes small messes on our laminate flooring in the process. Which of course, she happily licks up!! Then, the following morning, plus afternoon, Rose poops.... Outside!! "Good girl!!" Pumpkin has been such a godsend for us, I practically swear by it!! Honestly!! Every canine owner should know the benefits of this natural laxative!!

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