Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Milkbone Box

Canines can do the funniest things--while often finding joy in life's numerous simple pleasures--silly antics which always bring smiles to their owners' faces. Why, Rose makes me laugh everyday!! Just by being her sweet, playful, curious self. We purchased my mongrel a box of crunchy Milkbones on Tuesday. I typically buy the brand's chewy treats in chicken flavor. Plus sometimes I purchase Milkbone's soft Healthy Favorites with beef, carrots, apples and oats in its recipe. But, since this chain of treats are relatively new, our local WinCo did not carry any!! Bummer!! So we purchased the box of small-sized, plain-flavored, hard, crunchy Milkbones, instead!! Not a problem. My food-loving girl of course likes them!! As I poured the cardboard box's contents into a large Ziploc-type baggie, she instantaneously wanted some!! So I gave her one!! Rose grasped the crunchy Milkbone between her teeth, ran through our great room and played with it!! That's a good sign!! Then her Milkbone was eaten!! Shortly thereafter, I held the box. I was reading a cute, humorous story on its back. Rose began acting crazy. She seemingly wanted the vacant cardboard Milkbone box!! Really? But it's empty!! I showed her the box. And, to my surprise, she sniffed it!! Seriously!! Her entire nose navigated inside its minuscule opening atop the box!! I laughed and laughed!! I pulled it away, but Rose wanted the vacant box again!! I showed it to her. Same thing!! I took it away. She burrowed her nose inside. I laughed and laughed. I even placed my own nostrils to it. Wow.... This empty Milkbone box does smell of those treats!! No wonder she wanted to navigate her talented nose inside it!! Quickly, this became a game of the sorts. I showed Rose that vacant box. She burrowed her nose inside. I laughed and laughed. We repeated this several times!! Ah.... I laughed so hard!! Now, I am considering buying small-sized, hard, crunchy Milkbones all the time!! Just for our little interactive game, plus Rose's excited reaction to them!! But... I may purchase their flavored biscuits....

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