Monday, July 18, 2011

Only Enough Love

Based solely upon my observation, the majority of dog-owning households have more than one canine. Two, typically. A male and a female. Or three. Twain boys, plus one girl. Or vice versa. Occasionally people own an even four!! Or five. Plus, I recently met an acquaintance at Wal-Mart who owns six purebreds!! She used to breed them. Seriously? Six?! As for me personally, I am a single-dog owner. One is more than I can handle!! I have Rose. She is a "project" of love, training, and attention. I devote myself wholeheartedly toward her. Every day!! If I owned twain canines, there would not be enough love within my heart to divide among them. Honestly!! If I adopted a second dog today, he would become the center of my life.... Leaving poor Rose feeling abandoned. It is essential that owners get to know their canines--temperament, plus instinctive natures--I cannot imagine doing that with six!! Sounds overwhelming to me!! I do not know how this happened, my preference of one dog. I often feel like that spoiled-rotten, hoity-toity neighbor in "Cheaper by the Dozen" which stars Steve Martin. When her only son, Dylan, asks his parents why they did not have more kids, she responds by saying: "Because.... we wanted one perfect child and that's what we got." Really? I cannot imagine owning more than one canine, yet I respect those who do. Besides, isn't every human family different? Divorced parents. A stay-at-home mother. Twelve children. One. With Rose, all my love goes to her. Every ounce of it!! No need to balance one dog over the other. Rose gets all my patience, training, and attention. No beast is left behind. And everybody appears to be happy!! I think Rose likes that. Well.... She is my one perfect girl....

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