Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Butter Remedy

Some events in life are too hilarious for reality. As though they're a work of fiction and Hollywood screenwriters thought up the script. With world-famous, billion-dollar-earning comedians "hired" to play its characters. Funny. Sometimes, it certainly seems, that life has a good sense of humor!! Rose was enjoying herself. To immense capacities. It was a lovely, warm September morning, blue skies, few clouds in sight. My kind of weather!! I sat in damp dewy grass alongside Rose, stroking her velvet-soft fur. Ah, bliss.... Periodically, a squirrel or two would enter our fenced-in backyard. If "chosen" by Rose, these bushy-tailed rodents faced her fantastic velocity and agility. But there are always several that she allows to flee sans any chases!! In the backyard stands this impressive wood pile too colossal for burning. With our stove being small, these "tree remains" simply will not fit!! Sawed up, certainly we could set fire to it, but our family orders wood every Winter. That is ready-chopped. So for now, this impressive, colossal-sized wood pile has become somewhat of a "fence decoration". No problems there!! I have affectionately deemed it "Rose's wood pile". Because when my mongrel pursues squirrels, she leaps and climbs upon that "fence decoration"!! For without a doubt, Rose longs to catch one of those bushy-tailed rodents!! She is fast, but they are faster, thankfully!! Recently, Rose has picked up some pitch from that wood pile. On her paw pads. Yep. Sticky, gooey, stubborn pitch!! How does a dog owner solve that problem? Wet washcloths are worthless. As are moist baby wipes. I do not wish to apply some cleaner that may cause Rose physical harm. So what? One word: butter!! This served as my far-too-simple solution!! But it was tricky. Rose absolutely loved the fact that I brought some "people" food outside!! For me? She seemingly asked. Yippee!! I love butter!! Rose must have thought she had died and gone to Heaven!! As any hound would, of course!! Now I am walking toward her. With a plate which contains this dab of butter. She grew excitable, as expected!! When I took the butter and applied it to Rose's paw pad, her tongue kept licking my fingers!! She wanted that "treat"!! It was hilarious!! With her mouth snapping open and closed.... I giggled so hard!! "No, no, don't eat it, don't eat it!! No, no!!" is what continuously left my lips. In a playful tone. Now how do I enforce upon my canine strict cooperation and obedience when she is making me laugh so hard? Honestly.... Is laughter not the best medicine? I managed to get rid of the sticky, gooey, stubborn pitch.... And Rose happily earned a new nickname: "Butter paw"!!

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