Thursday, September 15, 2011

Praying For Homeless Dogs


Awww, sweet!! This sentence is printed in bold capital white letters across a royal blue rubber wristband that I own. I bought it at the shelter where we adopted Rose. For $1.00, if memory serves me well!! I wore it proudly on my right wrist from the day we met Rose until those bold capital white letters began to fade away from scratches. Then I set that bracelet aside, for memory's sake. It has been nearly a year since I bought my royal blue rubber wristband. Time flies.... It has been nearly 365 days since I adopted Rose!! As our one-year anniversary swiftly approaches, I find great truth in the wristband's words. "ADOPT A SHELTER DOG, MAKE A BEST FRIEND." Wow. As I recount within my mind every adventure we have enjoyed, every predicament, every lesson learned, every happy time every sorrowful moment.... I know, sans any doubts, that I've discovered "a best friend". Rose and I do so many things together: Sit in damp, dewy grass, Attend the end of our church's monthly ladies' meetings, go on hikes.... There were adjustments to be made when she first arrived, plus training which urgently needed done. Rose had separation anxiety-type issues, and left behind complete bowel movements whenever I "abandoned" her.... Even for a few brief hours. However, with time, firm yet gentle scoldings, patience, perseverance, (Plus pumpkin!!) we successfully overcame this problem!! Now, she still dislikes me leaving her, but.... There are zero "accidents"!! As I walk this path called life, oft feeling like a failure, I'm reminded daily of how Rose is my proudest accomplishment!! Seriously!! She is happy and contented, absolutely in love with her Mama.... The best canine I have ever owned!! It has been wonderful, just wonderful to share my existence with Rose. I have thoroughly enjoyed becoming acquainted with this crazy mongrel!! So, as Rose and I approach our first anniversary, I've felt lead to partake in something deeply heartfelt: Find a local shelter Website, one that faithfully updates photographs, and pray for the adoption of homeless dogs!! Because God does care for His lowly beasts!! I will pray based on age, breed(s), temperament, how long he/she has stayed in the shelter.... I've been immensely blessed by Rose, and she is lucky to have found a forever home!! Now I repay my gratitude.

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