Monday, December 23, 2013

The Picture

Blogging Friends.... Warning. This is yet another self-serving "therapy session". But with an unusual positive twist. Because. My minor mood swings lately have wanted so very badly to knock me off of my "bucking pinto horse" if you will. {More on "him" later? "He" is currently being created within my crazy head!!} But, as per usual, I have attempted to stay emotionally/mentally strong!! {Since before Thanksgiving!!} And my "bucking pinto horse" did, in fact "knock" me off, which was followed by a short-lived minor mood swing. I survived!! Because I am a survivor. And I'm back on my beautiful "pinto horse"!! Riding. So. I seriously need to dwell upon some "positive energy" right now!! Because, after all. There is always freshly sprouted trees growing among forest fire-blackened soot. {I have personally witnessed this firsthand!!} So, come. Sit. Have a cup of tea, coffee, soda, wine, or just plain water. Read on as God gradually works through my life....
"Minuscule is good!

Trust me, it’s much better than thinking everything you do is important and meaningful. That is not good.” --Robert Downey Jr.

"A picture is worth a thousand words." So they say. Well, as a writer, an artist who paints pictures with words, I always respectfully disagreed. Because "they" were incorrect. How can a mere picture be worth any words.... When we writers describe everything under the sun through vocabulary? I simply did not get it. But then. I saw it. "A picture worth a thousand words"? Indeed. Now. Because I am somewhat predictable, this picture is of Robert Downey Jr.!! It was snapped during his most recent G.Q. magazine photo shoot. Confession. I flunk terribly in all things fashion. Robert Downey Jr., being a dude of great detail, could most likely describe the clothing that he wore. Which, was probably rented!! He is cute like that. But I will just write this. Robert Downey Jr. wore a white shirt {Un-tucked!!} this black leather jacket, and a matching tie. How was that? Robert Downey Jr.'s facial expression? Now that I can describe in great detail!! Robert Downey Jr.'s facial expression was the look of crazed eccentric determination, his chocolate diamond eyes were wild {In a good way!!} his eyebrows formed this slight crease, {But he was not scowling!!} and his lips were sucked in to create an expression which his nearly two-year old son, Exton, can also make. Robert Downey Jr.'s stance? That I can describe in great detail as well!! While his left hand clasped the middle of that black leather jacket, Robert Downey Jr.'s right arm formed a fist pump. Was he striking some unique pose? "Dancing"? It does not matter. Because Robert Downey Jr.'s facial expression and stance? They are "worth a thousand words". Or, rather, three. See, Robert Downey Jr.'s facial expression and stance speak to me on a deeply profound level. As weird as that may sound!! It does, huh? Robert Downey Jr.'s facial expression and stance seemingly convey to me this message. "Yes, you CAN.". Loud and clear. Yes, you CAN.... What? Chase after every dream with abandon? Become a published author? Maybe. Maybe not. It is, however, a nice vote of confidence from Robert Downey Jr., albeit somewhat telepathically. Yes, you CAN.... What? Pour my heart and soul into creating fictional children's stories for "Minuscule is good!"? Unpublished or not? Write twelve "books" in 2014? Yes. Yes. And yes!! Thanks, Robert Downey Jr..... I need that little vote of telepathic confidence. If only you knew.          






Molly The Wally said...

Give yourself a good rest now and enjoy this special time. Wishing you and your family happy holiday. Have a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
Best wishes Molly

Raelyn said...

Thank-you for the comment, Friend!!
"Give yourself a good rest now and enjoy this special time.". Uh.... I am enjoying this special time. I have been all season long!! But with my crazy never-shuts-down head? Rest is not an option, mentally or creatively!! I have a children's story to write for January. I may begin work on that tonight at my grandparents' house.... We shall see!! I have Christmas memories with Rose to mentally journal so that I can write about it on here.... But then again. Having a crazy never-shuts-down head? It somehow keeps me out of trouble mentally/emotionally!! ;)
Today is Christmas Eve!! I am happy, happy, happy!! Merry Christmas to you in return, Friend!! ;op