Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Blogging Friends.... It is quite timely that I need to repost this today. I am still riding the waves of mood swing-infused pity parties. There have been conflicting thoughts/feelings/emotions, plus tears. It is really very healthy, as God grows/matures me!! I'm learning how to take my board and surf sans drowning, I suppose. So. Surf's up!! When I'm riding the waves of mood swing-infused pity parties, I need three things. I want chocolate. {Which, surprisingly, I have not binged on!! I am a recovering chocolate addict, remember?} I need Robert Downey Jr.  And I find myself writing as though life depends on it!! This time, however, it isn't posts about Rose for Beautifully Unique. Not yet!! No, I have been writing creative fictional children's stories for "Minuscule is good!". November's post? It is "in the can", as that phrase goes. And December's Christmas-themed story? It should be finished today!! Stay tuned!!
My goodness, is it really that time of year again? Halloween!! It is merely two days away!! Last night, I carved my plump, very, very unique-looking, nearly hollow pumpkin. It has "scars" all over one side, {Which, I love!!} and looks so disfigured, it may as well have craniosynostosis!! {No offense to any of my Beautifully Unique Kindred Spirits out there!! I am only poking fun at me!! And the weird-looking pumpkin!!} I was unsure of what, exactly, to carve this year. So, I just stabbed the knife in my pumpkin, then gave "him" one square eye and smirk!! Done!! As Halloween is so swiftly looming ahead of us, here are some tips for assuring our beautiful four-legged canines' safety!! I hope that they're helpful!!
{Words taken from our local dog shelter's Web site, plus a HealthyPets e-mail}
Halloween can be a fun time for our children, but not necessarily for our pets. Please follow these tips, and share them with others, to help keep pets safe this Halloween. Protect your pet by keeping {him} indoors. Trick-or-treaters' excited voices and costumes could spook your dog causing {her} to run off and get lost. Make sure your dog is wearing identification just in case. Many pets get spooked and escape. Unfortunately they end up in shelters without identification. Pets can also easily become victims of trick-or-treaters if left outside and unattended. Keep your pet confined away from the door as you greet trick-or-treaters to prevent it from darting outdoors. {We do not encounter many trick-or-treaters, other than neighbor kids!! During this time, Rose is kept--against her own will--in our great room behind closed French doors!!} On Halloween, your dog may feel {his} territory is being invaded by the onslaught of odd visitors. Keeping your dog in a secluded area of the house will help {her} stay calm and prevent {him} from growling or possibly biting a visiting ghoul or goblin. {Although my ever-friendly Rose would never feel invaded, and her worst defense against ghouls or goblins would be a series of excitable "Beagle" bays!!} It may help to provide a chew toy or a toy stuffed with treats, like a KONG which may help reduce stress. You may also want to crate your dog. Keep Halloween candy out of your pets reach because it can make your pet sick. In fact, chocolate can be fatal to dogs! {Because chocolate contains twain hazardous ingredients: Caffeine and theobromine. If Rose were to eat an ounce per pound of her body weight, she could be in grave trouble!! Thus say the experts!! That is when it would be absolutely necessary to induce vomiting!! Plus rush her in the direction of our nearest emergency center.} The wrappers, such as tin foil, can also get stuck in your pet's digestive tract, making them sick. If you have to take your dog with you outside, make sure you use a short leash for the most control, and that your pet is highly visible at all times. Also make sure your pet doesn't stop to eat anything off of the ground. Don't dress your pet in a costume unless you know they love it. {I'm afraid that Rose would disown me for dressing her in a costume!!} Otherwise, it will put a lot of stress on your pet. Be sure costumes are safe and will not choke your pet. Also, make sure your pet has a clear view and that their noses are not covered. Your dog can also be a hazard to {her}self. If your house has a lot of decorations, your dog may knock them over with a wag of the tail and burn {him}self. Be sure that your decorations are not pet accessible. And, when the trick-or-treaters have gone home for the night, don't forget to reward your pet's good behavior with treats made especially for him/her, like dog biscuits. {I intend to bake Rose a batch of peanut butter biscuits. On Halloween. A recipe post will soon follow!! So stay tuned, dear Friends!!}

Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Misquote

Whoops!! I just watched that YouTube video with Robert Downey Jr. again--yes, I'm insane!!--and realized something. I misquoted him!! Ugh. Here it is in accuracy!!
"You gotta to adjust yourself for life, and you'll finally be pretty happy." --Robert Downey Jr.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Ah, Mood Swings

He is a deep thinker.
When I began learning about Robert Downey Jr. in June 2012, while "getting to know" him, I had several preconceived ideas about who he was. Of course, I have since forgotten most of them!! {I did see Robert Downey Jr. as being tough. You know, the Pit Bull-owning type. This dude has repeatedly been to prison, for Heaven's sake!! I never would have seen him as a sensitive, Buddhist hugger!! And this was before I learned about his past, mind you.} However. One thing about Robert Downey Jr. that immediately surprised me the most?

He is a deep thinker.
I mean, really. This man is profound!! Because, my gosh, some of the things which spring forth from deep within his soul!! I suppose, if you travelled the wayward roads which he did {Don't even think about it!!} you, too, would be a deep, profound thinker. But, this revelation still took me by surprise. He was not always a deep, profound thinker. This has come with years of experience, continued evolution, therapy, and sobriety. If you look past seemingly everybody's type-casted notions that Robert Downey Jr. and Tony Stark are equals--please stop--then you may actually learn something from this comedic actor!! Seriously!! You know what? I have lost count of how many Robert Downey Jr. quotations have really changed me as a person for the better. And which ones still are. I have been experiencing some wild mood swing-infused pity parties lately. Riding them like a terrifying, amusement park roller coaster. So. The other day, I was watching Robert Downey Jr. YouTube videos solely for his witty, quirky, dry sense of humor in search of some good laughs. Robert Downey Jr.'s dorky, eccentric mannerisms. The witty things he says. His comical facial expressions. He delivers laughter every time!! Every freakin' time!! And I love him for this!! But, while watching a YouTube video as he was out "selling soap", or promoting "The Shaggy Dog", I did not expect something deep and profound which he said to jump out at me. Whoa. I must be in a vulnerable state of healthy soul-searching right now.... Here is the quotation.
"You've got to adjust yourself to life, and you'll finally be happy." --Robert Downey Jr.
Well said, Robert. Well said.

Monday, October 21, 2013

The "Houdini" Harness

Blogging Friends.... Thank-you for your comments on the other day's post!! I truly appreciated them!! I did not realize until clicking "publish", just how heavy a subject that Blog post was!! {The concept of my mortality all those year ago. How, by God's grace and plans, things have a way of mysteriously working out.} Well. Do you believe in karma? They say that "karma bites". I really haven't a clue, exactly, what "they" mean by this. However. I now sit here typing away on this black computer keyboard, feeling a bit under the weather. Is this what "they" meant by saying "karma bites"? I write a positive, uplifting Blog post. Then--BAM!!--I catch my brother's cold germs. Ugh. Now, mood swing-infused pity parties have hovered over me like some hungry hawk. Karma bites?   
Stuff happens. This is a sentence that my Dad often says. And I have always liked it. Stuff happens. This statement leaves room for little excuses. The "blame game" is out of the question. There are no explanations. See, around here, we do not believe in coincidences or flukes, despite our very human minds attempting to make sense of such mysteries. Stuff happens. Last week, I was power-walking Rose up and down our suburban cul-de-sac. There appeared to be some smell--which apparently seemed inviting to her ebony nostrils--along the sidewalk. Now, occasionally, what follows her nose is a wet, pink tongue. And, since I cannot use my inner Sherlock Holmes to decode what, exactly, Rose is sniffing {Aside from tasting it, of course, which he does. I will leave that part to him!!} I usually pull Rose away from her sidewalk treasure. Do I allow my hound to sniff bushes? Certainly!! Do I allow her to sniff grass? Certainly!! But sidewalks can contain heaven-knows-what!! As I pulled Rose away--her strong, stubborn "German Shepherd" shoulder muscles tensing up, an entire cul-de-sac away from home, a busy street lurking in front of us--the red harness came unsnapped!! It happened so fast. Fortunately, I did not have time to panic. Thoughts such as this never crossed my crazy mind. Her harness is undone!! What if she slips out and runs away? The busy street!! What if she runs out into traffic and gets killed by a car? Rose, who shares my attention deficit disorder, was completely unfazed, her ebony nostrils continuously sniffing that sidewalk. I only had time to react. "Oh my gosh!!", were the sole words I recall saying. Then, I stooped over, and--SNAP--my hands re-linked her harness. Just like that. Then, I remember saying this, as my eyes glimpsed toward the busy street's raging late afternoon traffic. "Thank God you have A.D.D.!!". I also investigated the red harness. It was not broken. Or tattered, even. I know that I snapped it on right. I always double-check!! The red harness simply came unsnapped. Obviously, this was some sort of a fluke, right? Not really!! Because, the other day, it occurred again!! This time, we were nearly home, at least!! Rose was sniffing a bush, right in front of our next-door neighbor's house. It was time to go home, so I pulled my little girl away, as her strong, stubborn "German shepherd" shoulder muscles tensed up. And--SNAP--the red harness came undone!! I recall saying this. "Not again!!". And, to my utter shock, as I stooped over to fix it, I noticed something. This time the red harness strap also slipped through a loop!! Rose was nearly harness-free!! Then, our friendly Beagle-owning next door neighbor drove home from work. Rose, my Little Miss Sociable, turned her head to the right, because she wanted him. Again. I did not have time to panic. I only had time to react. "Oh no you don't!!", were the words that slipped through my lips concerning thoughts of losing an almost harness-free dog to our neighbor's. Then. I stooped over, and grabbed Rose's red collar, the harness/leash dragging behind us. We most likely looked like idiots to neighbors, but I did not care!! My canine is safe and sound!! We will not be using that red "Houdini" harness ever again!!   

Friday, October 18, 2013


Blogging Friends.... I know, I know. I have promised Rose stories!! And I am writing them!! Honest!! Today, I plan to write another Rose story!! However. This is also a Blog about me. That being mentioned. God has been working some incredibly profound maturity in me lately. It feels so weird. Maturity....
Moms of my "Cranio"/C.D.H. Kindred Spirits. This can apply to you, and your children, as well.
{Taken from my private Word Document Journal. Some changes were required!!}
God is in control. God doesn't make mistakes and any baby is never a mistake. Who cares if {you} never get a job or go to college or get married or have children? Do those things validate your existence? Are you loved because of what you can accomplish or because you exist? You are valuable because you were created and God saw fit to create you for Himself. Are you still trying to validate your existence by what you do? Let it go. Look up right now and smile and say "Thank you God for making me!" I am a firm believer that God doesn't make mistakes. You aren't a mistake.
I read these words on someone's Blog quite some time ago. She has since deleted her Website. But, I liked this post enough to copy and paste it upon a Word Document!! Anyway. Through these very words, God was conveying a message to me about self-acceptance and contentment. Which. As per usual, I paid very little attention to. But then again. Everything works out!! See, if I had heeded God's message to me about self-acceptance and contentment through that Blogger's words, then, chances are, I never would have been profoundly impacted by Robert Downey Jr./Tony Stark/Iron Man. "It's a... terrible privilege.". No, these words were meant for me right now. Why? Because just this morning, they randomly reappeared within my head, like some sign. God is in control. I was born with a rare birth defect called craniosynostosis. Loosely translated. I was born sans a soft spot. One out of 2,000 babies born are affected by craniosynostosis. Yes, One out of 2,000 babies. We accepted Christ because of craniosynostosis. God doesn't make mistakes and any baby is never a mistake. I am not exempt from this truth. Who cares if {you} never get a job or go to college or get married or have children? Do those things validate your existence? Are you loved because of what you can accomplish or because you exist? You are valuable because you were created and God saw fit to create you for Himself. Are you still trying to validate your existence by what you do? Yes. I have been doing this. Ever since someone who I am in close proximity to began preparing for college. It was then when I worked feverishly on my Life Story in high hopes of getting it published. Of becoming a published author. Look up right now and smile and say "Thank you God for making me!" I am a firm believer that God doesn't make mistakes. You aren't a mistake. I was also born with this rare and potentially life-threatening birth defect called congenital diaphragmatic hernia. Loosely translated. I was born with a hole in my diaphragm. One out of every 2,500 live births are affected by C.D.H. . Yes, one out of every 2,500 live births. Plus. Approximately 1,600 babies are born each year with C.D.H. . Yes, 1,600 babies. It was right-sided C.D.H. . {I think!!} Only 10% of C.D.H. cases occur on the right side. Yes, 10%. My liver was elevated. Doctors were unsure, exactly, of what ailed my skinny, long-limbed little body, so they closely monitored me. Meanwhile. My heart became enlarged, and a lung collapsed. Here are some very sobering facts concerning this birth defect. Some, but not all, research studies show that right-sided C.D.H. is associated with a greater mortality rate than left-sided C.D.H. . I wonder why? Infants with a large amount of "liver up C.D.H." have higher mortality than those whose liver remains down below the diaphragm. And. Approximately 50% of babies who are born with C.D.H. don't survive. They pass away due to complications. Yes, approximately 50%.
Wow. I was never placed on the E.C.M.O. machine. I did not reherinate. I never needed any G-tubes. Nonetheless. These C.D.H. statistics scream that I never should have survived. Either God was really watching over me--because He has plans for my life--or I am "hard to kill", as that phrase goes. How about both? Whoa. How do you psychologically handle something as profound as these statistics? And I wasted over ten years of my life to mood swing-infused pity parties. Over one decade....
Look up right now and smile and say "Thank you God for making me!" You know what? I do not need to look up toward clear blue skies, and thank my Heavenly Father for creating me. No. All I need to do is trace my fingers across a lengthy C.D.H. scar. Because. He protected my skinny, long-limbed little body....

Monday, October 14, 2013

Remembering Shadow?

Blogging Friends....I do have a Rose story which I've written!! {Plus more to come!! I am currently on a writing frenzy!!} However. Lately, I have been thinking about Shadow, my first girl. I actually like it when this occurs. It means that I will never forget her....   
It always touches my deepest, most heartfelt emotions when people {Children especially!!} remember Shadow. She was, after all, a part of my life for ten years and nearly five months before being euthanized. Over one decade. And she was our first Beautifully Unique mutt. My nine-year old neighbor buddy often voluntarily brings Shadow up in conversations. He remembers her well, and asks some deep, deep questions about how she passed away. Which, I answer with sincere honesty, because that is how I am with children. You know what? Sharing how Shadow suffered from repetitive falling spells for five months until one night I could not catch her, and she didn't rebound, never gets easy. Never. But still. It always touches my deepest, most heartfelt emotions when people {Children especially!!} remember Shadow. Well, how about this? What if the child is my nearly two-year old niece, Little Munchkin, who has never even met Shadow? See, we have something that we do together. Little Munchkin runs toward this very desktop computer and asks for Rose. She wants to see digital pictures which I have stored on here. But really? Little Munchkin is a budding pen artist, and loves to sit upon my lap while scribbling in yellow notepads!! She has an impressive photographic memory {At least one of us does!! Curse my premature short-term memory loss!!}, and when we first started looking at pictures, I found Shadow, but swiftly changed to Rose, as Little Munchkin actually knows my Mystery Dog. Fast forward. Yesterday, I was chasing my very outgoing, energetic, busy niece though our house. "I'm following you," I playfully announced. "You have a shadow!!". Then--be still my touched heart!!--Little Munchkin said this. "Shadow?". Next thing I realized, she was standing at this very desktop computer, asking to see digital pictures of my first canine!! Whoa. How do you respond to that? I pulled up some pictures of a "blond"-furred, white-muzzled Shadow from her final year, which was 2010. And, sans any prompting, Little Munchkin pointed to photographs of my first girl. Then, clear as day, she said this, as though they were best friends."Shadow!!". Someday I shall tell Little Munchkin about Shadow. Because after all. She left over ten years' worth of memories....

Friday, October 11, 2013

Just Write Something

Blogging Friends.... Thank-you for your lovely words of encouragement on the other day's post!! I needed them!! And I treasure every single word!! I even gained a new Friend along the way!! To Christina. For a first-time commenter, your words were so very sweet!! You did not have to do that. But thanks!! I think I love you!!
"I am a writer, an artist who paints pictures with words.".
This I've repeatedly assured myself as mood swing-infused pity parties continuously haunt me, strumming away certain emotions, thoughts and feelings like some electric guitar. Nothing else matters. I do not need to attend college in pursuit of an important and meaningful occupation such as a pediatrician's career. Minuscule is good. I do not need to become a published author. Because.  
"I am a writer, an artist who paints pictures with words.".
Then--quite routinely--mood swing-infused pity parties crank up the amplifier, strumming away certain emotions, thoughts and feelings with even more power.
"I am a writer, an artist who paints pictures with words.".
This morning, as I felt mood swing-infused pity parties turn up the volume on certain emotions, thoughts and feelings, this scene from "Iron Man 3" reappeared in my head. It occurred when Tony Stark was suffering from yet another anxiety attack. And Harley calmly talked him out of it. {Uh. I think my unreliable memory got it correctly!!}   
"You're a mechanic, right?" --Harley
"Yeah." --Tony Stark
"You said so." --Harley
"Yes, I did." --Tony Stark
"Well, then why don't you just build something?" --Harley
"Okay." --Tony Stark
Then, suddenly, I felt God ask me this question.
"You are a writer. You're an artist. Why don't you just write something?".
Wait. Did God just use my words against me?!
Ironically, I seemingly haven't the time just now to write any stories about Rose, so they shall wait. However. Today is October 11th. There's something very special and significant about this date. It is my dear, dear friend/pen-pal, Amber's birthday. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the tender age of eight. And, sadly. On September 27th, 2008, Amber passed away at age 19. She was such a faithful friend!! Amber wrote me notes when her eyesight began to fail before going blind, while physically disabled and trached. And she never whined or complained in any of my letters. What an example. Amber would have been 25 years old today, if not for her M.S. . I wonder. I wonder where Amber's existence would be right now if she were still alive? Hmmm. Or if that evil M.S. had never even affected her, where would she be? I do know one thing for certain. Our paths never would have become intertwined if not for the M.S. . See. Amber became my pen-pal on account of her disease. She needed a friend. Now Amber resides in Heaven. She was a lover of animals, and I am certain that my special friend is watching over Shadow Sunshine for Jesus. Ah, Amber. I still miss you....
Now. As I "just write something"--for my mental/emotional well being--Rose stories will come!! I promise!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Creating Beautiful Mosaic Artwork

She is a cheerful, talkative, instant-best-friend personality-type. Yet also professional. She is an oddball and self-described "dork", whom I just want to spend time with that is not confined by a colorless white brick building. Plus equally drab walls. Her name is Ebony. And.... She's my dental hygienist. When I get her, that is!! See, people come and go at that office way too frequently within six months' time!! Unfortunately. One morning, Ebony was asking me--before I opened my mouth widely--what it is I enjoy doing. "I write,", I said. "Stories about my dog, mostly. But I deviate from that subject frequently. I have a Blog....". And then Ebony--who has never even read any of my work--asked this.
"Have you ever thought about getting published?".
To which I shrugged off and answered apprehensively with this. "Yeah....". Then Ebony encouraged in her booming African-American voice with this. "Girl, you should!!". This was during the Summer of 2012.
"Have you ever thought about getting published?".
This has been such a regular query with me throughout my existence, it could easily qualify as some Frequently Asked Question, or FAQ. Truth be told? The notion of becoming a published author terrifies me worse than creepy-crawly spiders, or pitch black darkness. How so? Becoming published usually requires book tours across America. And I am a homebody!! Seeing New York City sights while being featured on big-name talk shows is "so not me"!! This stood as a cosmic indestructible virtual brick wall against my ever becoming published. Not to mention. I never wrote anything even worth sitting on bookshelves awaiting its readers!! Being published was merely a daydream, an ambition no different, really, from my wanting to act in well-known Hollywood films at age fourteen. That's right. It was actually somewhat delusional of me, as I walked around in "La-La Land" {A "happy, happy, happy" place!!} with my head up in fluffy white clouds. Because, after all. You cannot become a published author sans anything worth reading!! Correct? Then, I partook in something crazy, even for me. I wrote a book--my Life Story--all twelve chapters. In secrecy, because I am weird like that!! And I allowed myself to dream. I wish. I wish I had never allowed myself to dream. I mean it. I do. It was a cosmic mistake. Yes, a  cosmic mistake. See, I worked very, very, very  hard on my Life Story, with the mentality that it would someday get published. Night after night after night. Day by day by day. I fret about every minuscule detail like some stressed-out bride-to be. There were sacrifices made, for many things continuously fell off the Balance Beam of Life. I suffered through countless mood swing-infused pity parties as though I were bi-polar or something. {Which I am not!!} I gained a seriously unhealthy chocolate addiction {This was psychological, by the way!!} just for an edge to keep me awake past midnight. Or 2:00, which occurred twice. But I was writing my Life Story!! Rewind. Before allowing myself to dream, this began as a request from God. The writing of My Life Story. See, He sat me down in January 2012 with a New Year's Resolution. "Accept yourself--learning disabilities and all--you can't break this New Year's Resolution.". As per usual, I didn't listen, not entirely, anyway. Great!! I thought, I have 365 days to accept myself!! I don't have to do it now!! But one thing I have learned in this life? God can be equally stubborn!! "Accept yourself--learning disabilities and all--you can't break this New Year's Resolution.". And He meant it!! Because. On May 4th, I'd watch "The Avengers", hear Tony Stark's line "It's a... terrible privilege", and Robert Downey Jr.'s unlikely superhero character would positively impact my life!! Because. It's a... terrible privilege. My birth defects. Surgical procedures. The insane statistics behind my birth defects. Learning disabilities. Everything. It's a... terrible privilege!! Several months later, God would then request that I write My Life Story. It was me who dared to call it a "memoir". And what an incredible mistranslation that was!! God requested this. That I write my Life story, because He wanted to work in me self-acceptance. I translated it this way. Yes!! I am writing my autobiography!! My memoir!! I can become a published author now!! Which translation won out? God's, of course!! See, I wrote my Life Story, {Which still needs some "tinkering"!!} thus being sent on an incredible self-acceptance journey. Meanwhile, I also reached out to Bloggers who either have children born with craniosynostosis or congenital diaphragmatic hernia, twain of my birth defects. And I gained a C.D.H. Blogging community where this Mom "knows" this child, "knows" this child, "knows" this child!! I am the oldest "kid" in that Online community!! Cool!! Then, in August, I started another Blog, "Minuscule is good!", specifically for creative Writing Projects!! And to think. All of this began with a self-acceptance request from God!! So. Was writing my Life Story for naught? No. Because look at how God is growing and maturing me!!
"Have you ever thought about getting published?".
You know what? This question {However encouraging!! It does not offend me to hear these words.} now hurts. Allow me to swear a bit. This question hurts like hell. It stings as though a swarm of angry hornets are after my heart, attacking over and over and over again. {Sorry. Drama Queen alert!!} For being published is an unobtainable dream now shattered and broken. But each time I write. Each time I write. I am creating beautiful mosaic artwork with the pieces of this shattered, broken dream!! Whether it be true stories about Rose. A lengthy post reflecting my feelings/emotions. Or some touching breast cancer-themed fictional children's story about Bubbles the Bubblegum Bunny. I am creating beautiful mosaic artwork for you, my dear Friends....                                             




Thursday, October 3, 2013

Adopt A Dog Month

Blogging Friends.... Hi. This is a shiftless repost from last year!! {With some changes, of course!!} But worth it!! My laziness is finally paying off!!
Not really!! I guess I haven't been that shiftless. I just finished--after three days working on it!!--writing a story for my other Blog, "Minuscule is good!". So!! Check it out today!!
October. I love, love, love this month!! Trees' leaves gradually transform into bright, cheery hues. Pumpkin patches reopen. The mornings become crisp, our days get shorter. Constant rainfall is inevitable, as we go about life silently awaiting its downpour. Mmmm.... Well, October also happens to be Adopt A Dog Month!! That's right. Adopt A Dog Month!! Rose is--thus far!!--the first canine that I rescued from our local shelter. Allow me to express something. I hope that every canine who enters my existence from here on is adopted!! Because. Doing so has profoundly changed my life!! I hope to either adopt from some shelter, or a rescue organization. See. Adopting Rose, our then-three-year old "second chance" mutt, has been, personally, one of my life's most rewarding experiences!! How so? Because I provided a loving home for this Beautifully Unique four-legged creature!! She was once kenneled in our local shelter like some convicted criminal. Homeless and desolate. Now, she is mine!! I am so very, very, very blessed to own Rose!! I'm also feeling inspired now. With this being Adopt A Dog Month, I want every future canine who enters my existence to be rescued throughout October!! Why not? There are seemingly endless canines available for adoption year-round. Plus 31 days in October!! 31 freakin' days!! This may sound like some oddball, far-out notion. But to me? It's really quite logical!!
This is taken from a HealthyPets e-mail. I received it in 2011, but the information should still be up-to-date!!
--Adopt A Dog Month--
If you feel like there's a void in your life, you can make a difference in two lives as October is Adopt A Dog Month. The ASPCA started Adopt A Dog Month to promote and raise awareness of the millions of dogs that live in shelters, places not fit to be called a home. Shelter dogs don't nearly have the amount of space or the amount of love they deserve. Also keep in mind that thousands of pets that do not get adopted are euthanized due to lack of shelter space. You can do your part in many ways; here are a few helpful ideas to get the gears going.
Adoption: The best way to help a shelter dog is to bring one into the comfort of your home. Visit local shelters and share that love connection that will keep you and your new pooch's relationship going on for years. For those who absolutely prefer purebred varieties, an estimated 25% of purebreds are found in shelters. {And, where does that leave mutts? In the 75 percentile!! So, do not exclude mixed breeds from this!! Adopt a mutt!!) Some shelters offer discounts or waive adoption fees. Contact local shelters to find out what they offer.
Donations: Not everyone has the time or money to invest in a new pet - you can still do your part by donating supplies, money or your time. Local animal shelters depend on the kindness of strangers' help aside from what little government funds they receive to keep the shelter going. You can do your part by volunteering to help walk dogs, clean cages or whatever tasks that may be needed.
Events: Attending and volunteering in pet-related events is a fun way to participate in pet awareness. Attending shelter fundraisers and pet fairs are ways to help people understand how important pet adoptions can be. Even if you are unable to adopt a pet, you can help bring awareness to those who can devote their time to a new family member.
Other Ways: Information is key to preventing the growth of pets being admitted into animal shelters. Pet behavior trouble is one of biggest reasons why owners turn dogs into shelters. You can do your part by informing new pet owners what struggles they may face in the early stages of owning a pet.