Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"What's Under There?"

Rose has always possessed a curious mind. When we are walking together and people exit apartments nearby, she stops and watches them, her mind seemingly full of wonder. Who is he? Where did she come from? Can we meet their toddler? Obviously, it does not matter if Rose has ever even smelled these people!! She is friendly. She is curious. Nothing else matters!! And that is merely one example!! Countless opportunities seemingly fill my mongrel's mind with curiosity!! Wildlife. New experiences. Inanimate objects. My bedroom has a white, magnetic door which leads to this wooden porch, plus our backyard. (The "Secret Door"). Rose has, for whatever reason, always appeared fascinated by that porch!! Some of her favorite locations in our backyard are right alongside it. Next to the gate where wavy grass grows. Or in between our trailer and that porch. There the ground is mostly cold dirt. Every now and again, Rose will excitedly peek her nose beneath that wooden porch to take a swift peek!! What's under there? she seemingly asks. I have always been afraid that my Curious Rose will either get stuck, or I'll lose her somewhere beneath our house during such occasions. So, whenever I've caught Rose peering those talented nostrils under the porch, she has earned a firm "No!!". Yet, my girl has attempted this on so many occasions!! That headstrong canine!! Curiosity has even recently taken command over my mind, as well!! What is under there, anyway? Moldy food? A family of raccoons? Garbage? Who knows!! The other afternoon, we were outside together. Suddenly, Rose took off in her "Italian Greyhound" velocity, which, as always, is far too fast for me to keep up with!! I chased after my dog. Once I reached her, to my dismay, she had done it!! Her entire body--sans the rump--was burrowed beneath that porch!! Seriously!! Rose's body was crouched very low in order to fit its small opening. I gasped. All I could see was her hindquarters!! "Rose, No!! Come!!"I yelled, panic rising in my voice. And Come my good girl immediately did!! Out from under the wooden porch she emerged, dirt slightly covering her velvet-soft fur!! I fell onto my knees, and brushed Rose off. I pet her, thankful she was alright. What a crazy canine I own!!

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