Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Natural-born Dog Lovers

Blogging Friends.... I have been writing like crazy ever since Grandma arrived from California--it keeps me sane!!--so much so that I'm afraid I've mislocated some potential posts in my Word document file!! Whoops. I hereby behold. A story about Rose!! Love you later.

I have been absent from reading/commenting on all of your Blogs. I miss you terribly!! I hope that Life has been well. Please do not forget about me!!

Some people--based on observation--are natural-born dog lovers. It is like an instinct. I was. As a girl growing up, we only owned felines--siblings named Sugar and Goldie--but no canines. However. I used to happily run toward strangers at stores as a girl and pet their canines!! Heedless of my Mom's consistent warnings against it. "Ask the owner if you can pet him," she would say, "Not all dogs are friendly." But, as per usual, I never listened!! My two-year old niece, "Amethyst", is the same way as I, a natural-born dog lover. She always was, even from the beginning. One day I was cuddling with "Amethyst"--then eight months--while sitting in a comfortable red chair. And miss "Jealousy, thy name is Rose" decided to see us!! She balanced her front legs upon the chair. And Rose was face-to-face with "Amethyst". Wet ebony nose-to-cute-button nose!! Sheer delight in her voice, "Amethyst" giggled!! It was so very cute!! Now didn't Rose just make her entire life?! Because today, "Amethyst" still loves Rose!! Her little chubby toddler hands will stroke my mutt's velvet-soft fur. "Amethyst" embraces Rose. Even while my little girl is lying down!! Which, occasionally, makes "Amethyst" accidentally fall into Rose!! She loves it when my Mystery Dog is hyperactive and playful!! "Amethyst" even squeals with delight as my little girl belts out her ear-piercing high-pitched bay!! For she truly does love Rose!! They are best friends!! For "Amethyst" is a natural-born dog lover. Like my youngest brother, Michael. And her baby sister, "Opal", as well. For being natural-born dog lovers flows in the family blood!! "Opal"--who will turn seven months old in the end of May--is quite observant, her big round blue eyes breathing everything in. And that includes Rose!! "Opal" will watch my canine in every single activity {Rose's hound bark only causes her to jump} she was always enthralled!! Everybody screams whenever Rose barks!! One day, I sat "Opal" on our great room carpet--while supporting her balance--and my niece's chubby baby fingers touched Rose's ebony nose!! To which she cooed with delight!! "Opal" had made physical contact with Rose at last!! Then, on Sunday, May 4th, we invited my brother, sister-in-law, and their twain little girls over for barbeque dinner so they can see our Grandma, who is visiting from California. "Opal" had been sitting independently on the great room carpet when I crouched down. Rose--jealous again, I am certain!!--walked up to us both. "Opal" flashed her big killer somewhat toothless baby smile, giggled and cooed. Bliss. "Opal" extended her chubby arm toward a visibly nervous Rose, touched my mutt and cooed some more. Yep!! "Opal" is a natural-born dog lover!!            



Ryker said...

How wonderful! I was the same but it extended to all animals (except spiders).

Raelyn said...

Thank-you for the comment, Friend!!
"I was the same but it extended to all animals (except spiders)." Funny you should mention that terrifying creepy-crawly insect. The other day, I was sitting on this very flat-screened desktop computer with my two-year old niece, "Amethyst". We were watching an episode of "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse". Suddenly, her little toddler hand "crawled" on my knee. I jumped and screamed, convinced that is was a spider. Whoops. {Good thing I did not slap my niece's "spider" to death!! You know what I mean!!} And poor "Amethyst" just looked at me, a bit confused as to why I jumped and screamed!! ;op