Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Magic

Blogging Friends..... So I am planning on posting Christmas-themed posts twice a week this month. Well!! I guess when you possess a poor concept of time, are indecisive on what, exactly, to post, and watching your beautiful nieces three days a week? It does not happen!! Anyhoo. This was a Christmas-themed journal entry!! Some changes were made, as per usual!! Love you later.

Look for my Christmas-themed fictional story to be posted on Minuscule is good! { } today!! {Lord willing!!} 

Do not listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. This has always been a "law" in our house. Which was established by my Dad!! Because he is the "Christmas Police". Listening to our ever-growing collection of holiday C.D.s before Thanksgiving is simply "prohibited" around here. If Dad the "Christmas Police" {Yes, he has been called Mr. Grinch!! And, as soon as Thanksgiving is over, Dad the "Christmas Police" truly loves this time of year!! I'm just sayin'!!} ever finds out, then Dad the "Christmas Police" will "arrest" and throw us all in "prison"!! Just kidding!! However. Nobody follows that "law" in this house!! Not my Mom. Or Michael. Not my sister. Or me. We begin listening to Christmas music as early as November 1st!! Happily, thank-you very much!! Because while Dad the "Christmas Police" is away at work all day? That is when we push play on our pre-Thanksgiving holiday music!! Dad's gone!! Bring it!! He will never know!! This is a cosmic secret--because it's "illegal", remember?!--and we are hush-hush about our behind Dad the "Christmas Police's" back pre-Thanksgiving holiday music!! Comically so!! However, Dad the "Christmas Police" does always eventually find our cosmic secret out, as small piles of holiday C.D.'s lying around--I'm afraid--gives us away!! Whoops. Do we look like we care?! Dad the "Christmas Police" hasn't "arrested" us!! Not yet!! On November 10th, my Mom, Michael and I drove to the mall for some Christmas shopping. Target was also one of our stops!! It turned out to be a good day {For me!!} to score some Christmas presents!! Well. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.... Everywhere we go!! While Michael and I were walking the mall, we saw a bright flash of light from its lower floor level. Santa Claus' photographer was downstairs snapping pictures of children!! Yes, Santa Claus!! Before Thanksgiving!! Michael and I immediately weaved through throngs of shoppers to look down. We missed the children.... But.... Santa looked up and waved his white-gloved hand at us!! It. Was. Magical!! I do not know what occurred next. Suddenly, I was transformed into a little girl!! Santa Claus has an amazing way of doing that!! How....? I haven't a clue!! "Hi Santa!!" I shamelessly called out for all the world to hear. Michael was no worse than me. He, too, transformed into a little boy!! "Merry Christmas!!" Michael said. And then, to make this experience all the more magical? Santa let out a hearty, jolly "Ho, ho, ho!!" Wow.... This man was born to be Santa Claus!! Or perhaps....? He really is Santa!! It felt so very magical--as though I was in Miracle on 34th Street--and I'm Susan Walker!! Shortly thereafter? Michael and I stepped into Hallmark. Before I even purchased a Christmas present? I heard an all-too-familiar voice call out: "You guys know what time it is? What time, huh? What? What? Oh, Christmas time!" And I knew. It was Bruce Springsteen's rockin' version of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town"!! On the radio. Before Thanksgiving!! The moment I heard Bruce Springsteen's voice, he instantaneously called me into a Christmas spirit!! And I became very, very, very excited!! "It's Bruce!!" I called to Michael. In a tiny Hallmark store. Where the clerks know me by name. At the mall. Because during one fleeting second? I forgot that I was in public!! It is Bruce Springsteen's fault!! What? It is!! A woman purchasing something at Hallmark's checkout desk looked at me quizzically as if wondering, Who is Bruce? "Sorry," I sheepishly said, "Not really!!" I break for Bruce Springsteen's "Santa Claus is Coming to Town"!! So I stopped my potential Christmas shopping!! I danced as though nobody was watching. Because Bruce Springsteen has far better moves than I do!! Trust me on that one!! I lip synched the lyrics. And it was official. Christmas had arrived!! Because when Santa Claus and Clarence Clemons both "ho, ho, ho" me in one day? I fly my Christmas freak flag high!! And I fly it openly!! "Law"? What "law"?! Dad the "Christmas Police" cannot "arrest" and throw me into "jail" now!! Why? Because The Boss said so!!


Sketching with Dogs said...

I have been known to put Christmas music on in July if I had a song going round in my head, haha. Hope the Christmas Song Police are not reading this!
Glad you are enjoying your music Raelyn.
Lynne x

Raelyn said...

Thank-you for the comment, Friend!!
"I have been known to put Christmas music on in July if I had a song going round in my head, haha." I love it!! ;)
"Hope the Christmas Song Police are not reading this!" Do not worry. Dad the Christmas Police does not read my Blogs!! And even if he did see this, do I look like I care?! Ho, ho, ho!! ;-D
"Glad you are enjoying your music!" Oh, I cannot get enough of it!! By the way? Our local "Christmas" radio station played Bruce Springsteen's rockin' version of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" twice yesterday!! Happy!! Me!! ;op