Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hide And Seek

(Taken from "Beyond Fetch: Fun, Interactive Activities for You and Your Dog" by D. Caroline Coile)



Abilities: Stay while you are out of site; come

Dogs have as much fun playing hide and seek as kids do--and they're better at it! The only thing they're not good at is counting to 100 before they start seeking. That means you either have to place your dog on a stay and then call him, or wait until he's in another room before you call. Either way, it's part of his sneaky plan to make you give away your hiding place. Start hiding in easy places: behind doors, in closets or under tables. Then move to harder places: the bathtub, under the bed or in a cabinet. Any children playing this game should be cautioned about choosing only safe hiding places. Try to resist the temptation to jump out and say "boo!" when your dog finds you. OK, only do it if your dog thinks it's funny. You can boost enthusiasm by handing out a treat when you're discovered. As your dog hones his skills, you can move outdoors and start hiding all over the place. Taking turns with a friend who can hold your dog while you hide enables you to really challenge him. You can go farther away, climb trees and if you're especially daring, hide in shallow water. Not only is this a fun game by itself, but it is also a good foundation for more involved games of trailing and of search and rescue. For added fun, play in the dark!

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