Monday, June 6, 2011

My Preference

Puppies overwhelm me!! True, they are adorable, and who can resist those soulful, fuzzy, juvenile faces? But puppies happen to be immature, untrained, hyperactive and constantly disobedient!! They chew on everything, plus these four-legged bundles of fur frequently test their owners' patience!! No, I actually prefer adult canines. They are a stark contrast to puppies: Mature, trained, calm, and obedient!! I advocate adult dog adoption. Recommend amongst friends that they choose them. See, everybody, it seems, brings home puppies, while shelters and rescue groups are filled with unwanted adults!! For diverse reasons--behavioral problems, lifestyle changes, health issues--these beautiful creatures are given up on!! And, obviously, adult canines are less adoptable than puppies. Therefore, bringing home your three-year old is, truly, a rescue!! Shouldn't that arouse positive feelings of accomplishment? Rose is--thus far--my second adult. I feel as though somehow I'm saving dogs--from being euthanized--one canine at a time!! Adults do arrive with a histories--sometimes known, sometimes vague--of their previous masters' mistakes. This must be addressed and dealt with--never an easy task--but entirely worthwhile!! Adults are typically pre-named, which, of course robs their new owners the pleasure of deciding what to call them. However, dogs are extremely bright animals, and can easily learn any new name!! Rose is a fine example of that!! We did not know what she was called....Tulip , perhaps? Yet, Rose adapted to her name in one day!! Adopting an adult also robs masters of several years. Rather than 13, you may be merely blessed to spend a decade with her. Well, they are simple reminders that their life is indeed precious!! And we are to never take them for granted!! I also prefer mixed breeds over purebreds. Because they are unique. They're different, like me. Mixed breeds appear healthier and hardier than purebreds too, for they possess a considerably greater genetic background. Rose is my mongrel. A Beagle/German Shepherd/Italian Greyhound mix. Her past, age, (breeds, even) remain mysterious today. I have accepted that, accepted her, this one-of-a-kind girl!! No, I can never picture myself owning any purebreds or puppies....

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