Monday, June 20, 2011

Mile "Stone" Memory

Last Christmas, I received an incredible gift: A Step Stone Kit!! It was requested.... I wrote the item upon my wish list. And I wanted this Step Stone Kit more than anything else that year!! The contents within are: 3.5 pounds Stepping Stone Mix; (An) 8-inch reusable plastic mold; 2 ounces Rainbow Rock; 1 ounce glass gems; .06 ounces glitter; 1 wooden mixing paddle; 1 writing tool; Easy to follow instructions(!!) On a warm 70-plus degree June afternoon, we gently pressed both of Rose's paws against the wet cement. She was seemingly confused at what we were asking from her!! Initially, anyway!! We had to gently lead her a few steps toward our work area on the backyard patio.... But my mongrel was otherwise cooperative!! She just stood there, trusting us. Allowing her paws to touch that cool, wet cement. Following through whatever it was we were doing. She certainly is a good girl!! However, the second we were finished, my medium-sized fugitive playfully took off in her "Italian Greyhound" velocity!! But.... I still had to clean Rose's paw pads!! I followed her through our fenced backyard, a damp washcloth in my hand. She glanced at me, smiled big, tongue hanging out.... And fled!! I tried to catch her. Unsuccessfully!! I walked over to my quick-drying Stepping Stone. Decorated it some. Chased Rose. She thought this "game" was great fun, therefore, my fugitive ran, fast!! Normally, whenever Rose does this, I am firm, yet patient. After all, she is not listening to me.... I cross my arms, command that Rose "Come" and scowl at her. Eventually, Rose submits to my ownership!! Not this time. This time, I was having too much fun with Rose's newly discovered freedom!! She fled, that silly little "grin" displayed upon her face. And I laughed!! I returned to my Stepping Stone. Finished decorating it. Chased Rose one last time. Finally, she collapsed in the shade of our neighbor's tree, still smiling. At last, I was able to dampen my washcloth and wipe clean any cement!! (Not that there was very much!!) Rose didn't run away this time.... She was too tired!! Yes!! Victory is mine!! I am pleased with Rose's Stepping Stone. Proud of it, really!! On top is her name: Rose. Along the left side are orange, yellow and dark blue Rainbow Rocks. On the bottom is a bone, decorated with sparkly glitter, to look like a treat. (Because Rose has this "love affair" with food!!) On the right side are light blue, green and red Rainbow Rocks. Rose's paw pads constantly collect garden debris. Flower petals, mud, grass, dry dirt.... Everything!! So her left paw print has some unidentifiable object on it. Petals? Dirt? Both? Who knows!! Plus, her right paw print has a strand of grass!! I wonder if several years later, rain, snow, hail, sleet, or bird droppings will produce light green growths and dominate Rose's garden debris. But until then, I will hold onto this memory!! I highly recommend that every dog owner create Stepping Stones of their pets' paw prints!! Because when the inevitable occurs, this makes an incredible memorial!! It beats garden burial, because what if you move away? Seriously? Are you going to break your back to pull Ivy out of the ground where she peacefully lies? This beats spreading your canine's ashes around his favorite tree, too. What if raindrops wash them away? No. Rose's Paw Print Stepping Stone will survive forever!!

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