Monday, October 17, 2011

Not A Retriever

Dogs need human interaction. Playtime. Training. Walks. They thrive on it!! Some canines need human interaction more than others. Rose falls into that category. Without a doubt!! For these beautiful creatures were made to form an unbreakable bond with their people!! After all, they depend entirely upon us!! For food. Water. Treats. And when their people are negligent owners, based on our experience, dogs find ways to compensate!! Rose is a fine example of this!! When we first adopted her, she seemingly refused to play with us. How strange is that? Apparently, poor Rose was never introduced to interactive play!! She would hold a toy within her mouth. Drop the stuffed animal to our floor. And roll in it. That was how Rose played. All by herself. I would attempt to interact with my mongrel, sans any success. She just did not understand!! Seriously!! There is no "Retriever" in Beagle/German Shepherd, thus Rose did not fetch. I accepted that. And I actually gave her "solitary play" zero thought!! I never tried to work on human interaction with my girl. No. When she has a toy, I simply play with her!! Unless I am temporarily preoccupied.... Slow, but sure, Rose has learned interactive play!! Yippee!! First she would run away from me in our fenced backyard. I'd say: "Go, go, go!!" and Rose fled!! Perhaps not the most ideal game for a Beagle mix, but she interacted with me!! I will take that. Then, she participated in tug-of-war with Kermit, her Booda brand dog toy. Until "he" became worn. Plus Rose absolutely enjoys playing "keep-away". Always has. Rose will hold a toy between her teeth, I'll go after my crazy hound.... And she scampers off!! That cunning little mutt!! Now she and I have twain silly little interactive made-up "games" which we play: "Where's Rose?", and "Follow Me". So far. Perhaps in the future, I will make up even more "games". "Where's Rose?" is always played outside. In our backyard. During the morning. After she does her business. Rose poops, then frolics around the yard!! That's right. Frolics. She can be so weird sometimes!! But after Rose is finished doing her business, my weird dog begins to act playful!! Really!! She runs a half-circle around the yard toward our wooden porch. In full-speed. "Hides" between the porch and our trailer. I say "Where's Rose? Rose!! Where's Rose?". And she shows herself!! Repeat. Until she is finished!! We participate in this "game" nearly every morning!! "Follow Me" is played less often. I hunch over and dangle my arms. "Come on, come, on, come on...." I coax Rose. While walking backwards. Rose follows. Then she earns some praise and a liberal sprinkling of grated cheddar cheese!! Simple. Yet interactive!! Recently my bright girl has learned to "fetch" her toys!! Sort of. I gently snatch away Garfield or Mutt and sway my hand back and forth. "Ready? One, two, three...." I begin. Her head moves along with my repetitive swaying. She is focused. In the zone. I throw Garfield or Mutt. "Go get it!!" I command. And Rose does this adorable prance-like bow toward Garfield or Mutt!! But she never brings her toys back!! Nope. She playfully flees her Mama as though thinking: "Catch me if you can!!" Which, of course, is only part of the fun!! Well, I do not own a Retriever mix....

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