Monday, October 3, 2011

Namesake Flower

How do dog owners decide on a name for their canines? Search the Internet? Yes. Flip through pages of Baby Name Books? Some people do. With a wide range of diverse dogs that are given sometimes such unique names, it causes me to wonder. Strikes my curiosity. Perhaps you were smitten with a name in particular. Loved its meaning, even. Or did you call your puppy "Ivy" because no opinionated Aunt-to-be could accept that name for her niece? Well.... Of course there is always the more cliché canine names. Like Shadow. Spot. Or Buddy. You know, those names which are considered the most popular choice among owners? Seriously. But I have also heard of some very different-sounding names that were given to dogs!! Like Nero. Pixel. And Venus. Do canine owners name their dogs based on individual temperament? Or maybe a personal experience inspired them? I will forever remember how Rose earned her name. It was the day we first met. In September 2010. We drove to our local shelter and chose to pursue this beautifully unique "Beagle X". I was interested in her. A volunteer worker then found one of their ropes, and carefully wrapped it around Rose's neck. I took the "leash". Lead my prospective girl toward a fenced-in yard. On our way, there was this blossoming rose bush. I do not recall what color the flowers were. Red? Pink? Who knows!! I was in some sort of a blissful daze!! We were getting my dog!! Well, Rose, remaining true to her "hound" self, sniffed one of the buds!! I imagine that there were countless smells on that fragrant flower. Had many adopted canines who'd gone before her urine marked the rose? Most likely!! As we entered the yard, I took off her rope. Let Rose run free. It was love at first sight. Instantaneously!! Somehow, someway, I just knew she was the one!! Immediately following her flower-sniffing incident, my sister said: "She looks kind of like a Rosie. Hi Rosie!!" Oh. My. Goodness!! I had previously chosen twain names for my future canine--a first, plus a middle--and Rose was one of them!! Honestly!! Our dear friends would refer to this as "Unity of the Spirit". Which means that when two or more very different minds think alike on a certain subject, it's God!! Wow.... So Rose it was!! Then, for a middle name. I was struggling with this one, since Rose is merely one syllable. What's a decent middle name for Rose? I pondered all options. Searched my hand-written list of favorite Girl names. Rose Sandra? No. Rose Esther? No. Rose Olivia? No!! Then suddenly, Uncle Michael made a suggestion: Elizabeth!! Oh. My. Goodness!! One of my very favorite names happens to be Elizabeth!! I tried it on for size. "Rose Elizabeth...." It is beautiful!! And I've loved the name Elizabeth ever since I was a teenager!! Amazing.... Unity of the Spirit once again!!

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