Friday, October 21, 2011

World Renown Home Run

Well, it is that time of year again--October--when the two best baseball teams contend against each other. For a postseason victor. For championship rings. For a World Series title!! That's right. The World Series!! This is an important event in my house!! Seriously!! The drama, suspense, pitching, hitting, wins, losses.... What's not to love? I composed this poem last February. When I was working on a Red Sox project. I am especially proud of it. Why? Because I never witnessed Carlton Fisk's World Series game-winning home run!! It was 1975!! An era when hippies existed!! Can you say "Flower Power"? When America's feminism movement was largely embraced!! And I am 27!! I was not even a dream within my parents hearts during the year 1975.... However, thankfully for me, Carlton Fisk's home run is world renown!! There are pictures. Video footage. Aged articles. It's written in baseball's history books!! Which is how my poem was born. By researching Carlton Fisk's home run in children's books. Yes!! Children's books!! Not once did I look a fact up on the Internet!! I am proud of that, as well. Today marks the anniversary of Carlton Fisk's game-winning home run.... 36 years ago.

Carlton Fisk
It was the 1975 World Series;
When Boston contended against Cincinnati;
It was that pressure-filled Sixth Game;
Victory being both teams' aims;
It was 12 extremely lengthy innings;
Tied 6-6, with nobody winning;
Then Carlton Fisk entered;
He lead off with his homer;
And Boston claimed the victory;
That clout went down in history!

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