Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Keep Calm And Write A Book

Blogging Friends.... Thank-you, from the depths of my heart, for your encouraging comments on last week's post!! I truly appreciated them!! Every single word!!

When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us. --Helen Keller

Many--if not most--published authors possess early memories of writing "books". Whether it be for school assignments or voluntary pleasure. Many--if not most--published authors possess early memories of writing "books". Me? Although unpublished, I am definitely not exempt!! In fact. I have been periodically writing "books" throughout probably more than half of my life!! Yep. See, this crazy jumbled-up memory of mine takes me back to my teenage years. When I was obsessed with "Star Wars" so I wrote fictional stories about Darth Vader, his Storm Troopers, Han Solo and I. I think there may have been a love triangle of some sort with me in between Darth Vader and Han Solo as my boyfriends. Or not. I have since mislocated those "books"!! I played with Barbie dolls--yes, as a teenager!!--meanwhile creating in my crazy never-shuts-down head diverse characters/stories. There was Theresa, the immodest, never-do-right, screw-up single Mom. Paul, this noble, just, gentleman police officer. And Steve, Theresa's jerk, cheating husband. Lest anybody wonder. I was not born into a dysfunctional family. I have no idea where those characters/stories came from!! Honest!! When I was interested in acting--Tom Hanks being my current "old guy crush"--I wrote a story about boldly sharing my faith with him over greasy McDonald's French fries. The actor accepted Christ, if memory serves me!! But I somehow neglected to "paint" Tom Hanks' charming, witty personality that we all love. As with my "Star Wars"-themed romance, I have since mislocated that "book"!! Years later--before I ever had any Blogs--I would become a prolific poetess who composed poems. This lasted less than twain years until, sadly, I was forced to give it up for lack of inspiration. Anyway. My favorite Major League baseball team is the Boston Red Sox. Once, I compiled a "book" of poems about legends from Cy Young to Curt Schilling. It also featured individual players statistics. Historical World Series moments. Plus my very own personal experience of watching catcher Jason Varitek during batting practice in seats which were positioned right above Boston's opposing team's dugout!! Now these poems most likely didn't flow. And they were probably not any good, either!! But, nonetheless, it was a "book"--which I created--and still own!! As you all very well know, over one week ago, I closed the door to my lifelong dream of becoming an author. And I threw away its key. So how am I doing? Honestly? I'd be lying if I did not write that it was somewhat emotional. Why is this dream so darn hard to give up? However. I have been wholeheartedly enjoying a New York Times Bestseller!! Which, I must return to!! I unintentionally took some time off from reading it. And I have not cracked the memoir open in four days. I know, I know.... I have been finding quotations from authors--plus some songwriters!!--and putting them on the side of my Blog, Minuscule is good! !! Go look.... I am not finished!! I have been sporadically reading interviews with published authors!! And I've loved every single one!! I feel such a Kindred connection to writers!! We are the same!! While Googling, I have even found an awesome sign which boldly reads these words. Keep Calm And Write A Book. Which I copied. Twice!! I have reached the realization with utter astonishment that I've written eight "books"--in less than two years!!--thus far!! Eight!! In less than two years!! I have been actively attempting my very best to avoid envying published authors. What can I say? Some bad habits are hard to break!! I have been moving forward, placing one foot in front of the other!! And--thank-you, Helen Keller!!--I am not staring longingly at a closed door!! I have envisioned my fictional stories for April, May and June!! Does that exhaust you? Do not worry about it. I exhaust myself sometimes!! And I love it!! That is how I am doing. I have found happiness. Today, I'm two months into being thirty, by the way!! And I am still feeling at peace with God's answer of "no".

I'm livin' The Dream!!    


Ryker said...

Wow, 8 books intwo years...you are a prolific author my friend! Keep living your dream!

Raelyn said...

Thank-you for the comment, Friend!!
"Wow, 8 books in two years...you are a prolific author my friend! Keep living your dream!". Yep!! I have written eight "books"--my Life Story plus seven fictional children's stories--in less than two years!! ;op

Chef Sasha said...

Never give up and please never let go of your dreams. It takes a while sometimes but I truly believe dreams can come true. They will come true for you my friend.

Anne and Sasha

Raelyn said...

Anne and Sasha....
Thank-you for the comment, Friends!!
"Never give up and please never let go of your dreams. It takes a while sometimes but I truly believe dreams can come true. They will come true for you my friend.". Thanks, Friends!! What if.... I never, ever, ever, ever did let go of my dreams? What if....? My dreams have already come true? What if....? While it feels as though I've settled for less not having become a published author, I really haven't?