Monday, November 7, 2011

Daylight Saving Time

Why must time change every Autumn and Spring? Honestly.... This only messes with our heads and moods. Makes us tired. Produces cranky attitudes. Why cannot time remain consistent all year around? Wouldn't that be simpler? Yet, each year we "Spring Forward", only to "Fall Back" again!! This can become so confusing!! Even to canines. We own an Audubon Society singing bird clock. It hangs on our great room wall. Every hour there is a different bird sound. I feed Rose at 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM daily. An Eastern Bluebird sings for her morning meal. A Purple Martin chirps at 2:00. And my bright girl recognizes both of those birds!! Seriously!! When Rose's floppy ears hear the Eastern Bluebird, they perk, her head sometimes cocks from side to side, and she performs an adorable "dance"!! 2:00.... Same ritual. Occasionally at night she will hear the Eastern Bluebird tweet. Then Rose stands up, and does her "dance".... Ready for food!! But it is dark outside!! I cannot feed her now!! As if she knows that!! Or even cares!! The Eastern Bluebird sung.... It must be time to eat!! So I allow Rose a baby carrot, instead!! That is the best I can do. It's always well received, of course!! She is, after all, a Beagle mix!! Anything will suffice. As long as food is concerned!! I never encourage Rose's late-night snack. She ingests countless baby carrots a day!! Most times, at 8:00 PM, Rose is sound asleep on "our" bed, dreaming. My mongrel never hears the Eastern Bluebird then!! So.... No baby carrots!! The other night, on Saturday, we were running through our house turning back time.... I wish!! There is a clock in nearly every room of this house--plus our electronics--more than I can count!! Anyway. When our bird clock needs changed, we have to play every single call, one by one, until its time is right. I sat on my bed, stroking Rose's velvet-soft fur. We listened to each bird. Rose's head cocked with every single one, a curiosity strong in her eyes. Then the Purple Martin chirped!! At 11:00 PM!! She cocked her head, jumped off my bed, and performed that little "dance"!! "Do you want a treat?" I asked. (More "dancing" from Rose!!) "Alright." I smiled. "OK. Let's go...."

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