Friday, November 18, 2011

My Perfect Walker

I must be growing clumsier with age. Seriously. I have always been somewhat of a klutzy person, with more falls and injuries than anyone can even count. I've dislocated my knee. Sprained both ankles. Stabbed my thumb while carving a jack 'o lantern. At age fourteen. And I have the scar to prove it!! Still!! I have knocked my two front teeth out as a toddler. The list is lengthy.... And it's only by some miracle that I have never broken any bones!! Yet. Yesterday, while breaking an injury "world record", even for me, a leg fracture was my darkest fret. I fell twice in three days' time. That is the "world record" part. Twice in one week. I have never experienced that before.... I was running through our muddy backyard when my second fall happened. Daft, I know. I slipped and twisted the bottom half of my right leg. Felt something pop. Then I panicked. Something popped!! I thought. Something popped!! Then, I mentally told myself: Just stand up. I did.... I could bare my weight.... Hardly. I am someone who tolerates pain, but the leg throbbed!! "Walk it off, walk it off, walk it off", I coached myself. However, with each step I took, the pain intensified. Time for an adrenaline rush!! I walked inside, found some frozen broccoli, plopped myself upon a chair, and "iced" my ankle. Then, as soon as my fear melted away, I inspected the injury. Minimum swelling!! Zero bones poking out!! Yes!! But, alas, my injury was still present. The foot/leg does hurt. Now I have my ankle wrapped, am taking potent pain-killers and walk like an elderly man with a cane. Sigh.... But no broken bones, thankfully!! Meanwhile, Rose has instantaneously figured out that her Mama is not one hundred percent. Canines have an incredible way of sensing such things!! When we go on our walks, I hobbling behind, she does not run up our front yard toward home like usual. No. She just walks slowly. My sweet girl!! Rose has always been a wonderful walker. She doesn't pull, lunge, or run as my right arm is connected to our red leash. Not even after cats and squirrels!! My mongrel walks at a leisurely pace, stopping to smell bushes or fence posts along the way. Typical. She is a hound, after all.... Plus, Rose sniffs the air. Yes, the air!! She leans her head back and takes in aromas my own nose cannot detect. I walk Rose down our cul-de-sac, which takes about ten, to fifteen minutes. But it really depends on how many distractions we encounter!! I walk at her pace. Unless we are in a hurry, that is!! Then, she is not even allowed to sniff out bushes!! Lately, she has patiently walked at my pace!! Halfway, because it is shorter. We must look like quite a sight to witness, Rose in front, and myself lagging closely behind!!


Stacey said...

I hope your feeling better, definitely a lenghty list and I'm pretty accident prone too! Good Rose for not pulling though, what a sweet pup! Molly is ridiculous at pulling but we're working on it :)

Raelyn said...

Stacey.... Thank-you SO MUCH for your comment!! I TRULY APPRECIATE IT. How INCREDIBLE it is to me, that someone from the United Kingdom can comment on my blog!! Amazing.... ;)