Monday, November 21, 2011

My "Comfort Dog"

We are friends with this dear family. They have three children, one of which is a five-year old daughter. Quite the character this little girl is.... And I appreciate everything about her!! She's fun, thoughtful, childish, plus grown-up all in one!! This little girl's favorite playtime activity is doctor. Interesting. That was always one of my favorite playtime activities, as well. But only because I loved Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and admired our Pediatrician!! Seriously!! So whenever these dear friends visit, this little girl asks to play doctor. We each trade off being physician or patient. When I play the ill one, she has me lean against my bed frame in her "hospital room".... With Rose by my side!! Sweet....Then this little girl calls Rose my "Comfort Dog"--which really means Therapy Dog--and acts as though the mongrel is visiting me!! Cute.... Lately, Rose's fictional "character" has become reality, as I continue to heal from my leg/foot injuries!! There will be absolutely no more walks until I am well enough. Sigh.... I miss them already!! But my "Lazy Bones" Rose is not complaining!! We have lived the life of Reilly, as they say!! Who can complain about that? Every morning, we sit/lie upon "our" unmade bed. I rest and ice my foot, which is less swollen than it was three days ago. Yes!! I stroke her velvet-soft fur, while she, of course sleeps!! I read books--aloud--to an uninterested Rose. Well, I whisper the words, at least!! But she literally dreams through my story time!! And I listen to Christmas music. Why not? Twain local radio stations have been playing Christmas music.... All month long!! Come evening, we repeat!! While Rose just contentedly lies at my side!! Except for yesterday morning. There was a rare near-Winter sunshine. Its beams were pouring through our living room window. Ahhhh, Solar heat.... Rose stood up and left "our" bed. She headed toward the living room!! I hobbled behind her. She then collapsed happily in the sunshine!! I followed suit. My bedroom was cold, anyway, because I had not turned on our heater!! Wow, what a difference the sunbeams made!! Within seconds, I was no longer cold!! Rose knew exactly where the best place was!! Perfect!! Together we soaked up the sunshine's warm, welcoming beams, while I read aloud. What a wonderful "Comfort Dog" I own!!


Ruby said...

Ahh, that is sweet! I never knew she called her your comfort dog. It is fitting- especially now with your ankle! I hope you are doing okay. I called to check on you this week and heard it was SLOWLY showing signs of improvement!

Raelyn said...

Yay!! You CAUGHT who I was refering to!! ;)
Thank-you for the comment!!
Yes, my calf/ankle/foot is SLOWLY healing.... I experienced a "taste" of Black Friday Christmas shopping earlier this morning.... But only because I had CABIN FEVER!! ;)