Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sporadic Accidents

Sometimes, these things just happen. Quite unexpectedly. One second life is good, and the next, I find myself cleaning up a yellow urine spot!! On "our" mattress!! Whenever these accidents--which are sporadic--occur, I attempt to figure out why. Was Rose spooked by something? Did she need outside, but "asked" nobody to take her? Is there a medical issue behind this? Then I use my head and flip through veterinary books, or search the internet. And I find zero reasons to visit our doctor!! Every time. One night, Rose was being strange. This is never a good thing!! Rose was not playful. She refused attention. "What's wrong, Rose?" I continuously asked her. "What's the matter with you?" Our skies were dark, as night had befallen. But she did not want outside, either!! "Go to bed, Rose." I encouraged cheerfully. "Go to bed." I gestured toward "our" unmade mattress, with sheet coverings and blankets thrown about. Rose would not even enter the bedroom. Oh no!! I understood now. Rose had an accident.... On my bed!! I inspected it. Sure enough. Upon the foot of "our" bed, was this small damp spot. Great.... My heart raced. I always feel an adrenaline rush whenever Rose is bad!! I looked at the sorry expression upon her face. I scowled at my naughty girl. What else was there to do? Immediately, I stripped my bed of its sheet and mattress cover. Threw them in the laundry "room". We will wash my bedding tomorrow. Next, I found some lavender/vanilla scented air freshener spray. I love the sweet smells of lavender and vanilla!! I sprayed my bare mattress. Inhaled. Exhaled. Ahhhh.... Now my bedroom smelled good!! I looked at the mattress. Zero visible stains!! Yes!! Her urine did not even touch my mattress!! Next came forgiveness. While my mattress dried, I knelt down next to Rose. Stroked her velvet-soft fur. And suddenly, I could feel my heart break. "Why, Rose?" I wished to ask. "Why?" And she glanced up at me with loving brown eyes.

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Stacey said...

Love this post! I tried to comment yesterday but laptop was a pain.

I'm in the same situation, My youngest is a complete ??? and would love to have a DNA test on her... maybe one day, you've convinced me quite a bit :-)