Thursday, November 3, 2011


Some houses try to hide the fact that children shelter there,
Ours boasts of it quite openly, the signs are everywhere,
For smears are on the windows, little smudges on the door,
I should apologize I guess for toys strewn on the floor,
But I sat down with the children and we played and laughed and read,
And if the windows do not shine, their eyes will shine instead,
And when at times I'm forced to choose the one job or the other,
I want to be a housewife, but first I'll be a Mother.

I found this poem on the page of our dear friend's blog. What beautiful words!! It is uncertain whether she wrote it or not, but I instantaneously appreciated the poetess's strong message of motherhood. So powerful. So moving.... And I feel the exact same way. With Rose!! Not to take away any meaning behind this poem's words. Our sweet friend is in a much different season than I am. She's married. I am single. She has borne six wonderful children. I have zero offspring. Nonetheless, Rose is the closest thing that I will ever get to having a daughter right now. Strange as this may sound. Even though she is an animal, not a human being!! But I have to seek contentment somewhere.... Enter my bedroom and you will immediately take notice: It's obvious that I own a canine!! The evidence is all around!! I do not hide it. But, rather, proudly display the proof. Upon my shelf are diverse dog books. Fifteen, thus far. Three breed specific books. One local hiking guide. Three training/activity manuals. Two books about mutts. Four guides which contain medical issues. A manual about living with older canines. Plus one dog biscuit cookbook. And this "library" is ever-expanding itself!! That's right. Hung on the left side of my dresser is an adorable Disney Store plastic Mickey Mouse bag. Its background has fun comics all over. Inside is where I keep recycled plastic newspaper bags for cleaning up after Rose. Several of them. For they arrive daily, after all!! Hung on the right side of my dresser is a floral-print backpack. I purchased it during those "dreaded" Back-To-School sales. Rose and I use this backpack while hiking together. Inside is a vacant canteen for my girl's drinking water and recycled newspaper bags. Yep. Just the basics!! Although my backpack could also use some hand sanitizer!! Plus a First-Aid kit. In front of my bookshelf is Rose's reversible dog pillow. Alongside that, lies her red "emergency" leash. It is lengthy and easily links to Rose's collar while in a hurry.... Perfect!! This leash has come handy on several occasions, none of which were for any emergencies!! Then there are the toys. Usually Rose's plush Garfield, long-bodied "Mutt" and home-made "sock" are kept in our great room. That is where they live. But occasionally Rose's toys wind up in my bedroom!! Or wrapped up in "our" blankets. Ah, evidence. Sweet proof that Rose shares my existence. I wouldn't have it any other way....

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