Friday, December 16, 2011

A Mixed Breed Resource

Earlier this year, I was browsing the "pets" isles in our city's largest bookstore. It is located several miles away from where we reside, so I seldom shop there. I came across this book, entitled: "Mutts: America's Dogs", written by Brian Kilcommons and Michael Capuzzo. I flipped through its pages. I already own a book on mixed breeds. Did I really need another? But I was thrilled by this finding. Brian Kilcommons is a nationally-renown animal behaviorist/trainer. I own two of his books. I never knew that he co-wrote something about mongrels!! And.... This book is different. Honestly. It is nothing like my other mixed breed book!! Nothing. "Mutts: America's Dogs" not only celebrates every mixed breed canine, but it also offers wisdom, plus insight on which beautifully unique creature best suits your lifestyle!! It covers known crossbreeds. It covers "Mystery Dogs". Now is there a "one-size-fits-all" with mongrels? Never!! Example: One Border Collie cross can be hyperactive. ADHD. Another laid-back. "Mutts: America's Dogs" features both heart-warming, and heart-breaking stories about true canines!! It is honest, hilarious, poignant!! And, of course, "Mutts: America's Dogs" provides special training tips, as well!! To quote a blurb on the book's back cover: "Brian and Mike make mixed-breed dog owners proud of their mutts. Through their comprehensive, creative, and very amusing descriptions, the prospective adopter will learn a wealth of information about every imaginable 'breed' of mutt. Brian and Mike have made the thousands of homeless dogs in animal shelters stars. Any adoptive pet owner must read this book before deciding on which mutt to adopt." ~Jane M. Stern, executive director, The Anti-Cruelty Society, Chicago. Well said. Plus, within this book's pages is a picture. Of an adorable hound mix. Tail curled, ears perked.... Just like Rose!! On its page are various notes. "Mischievous eyes--if you can catch me you can have my toy." "Large ears to hear refrigerator door opening from anywhere in the house." "Big nose--anything, anytime, anywhere." "Long legs for taking journeys whenever possible." Yep.... Every part of those notes describe Rose!! Purchase "Mutts: America's Dogs". It is a wonderful mixed breed resource!!

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