Monday, December 19, 2011

Sleep In Heavenly Peace

I love to sing!! And hum. While sitting on my bed, stroking Rose's velvet-soft fur, I often find myself singing some Christmas songs this time of year. "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer". "What Child Is This?". "Jingle Bells". Whatever comes to mind. But the carol which appears within my head the most during such moments, is "Silent Night"!! No idea why. Probably its lovely, soft melody.... So, as I pet Rose, my vocal chords hum "Silent Night's" tune. Or I sing its words. Either way. Somehow, "Silent Night" has become Rose's Christmas song!! Whenever I hear this carol, it reminds me of my beautifully unique mongrel!! Instantaneously. Which has brought countless smiles to my face.... Such a sweet thought.... So, to be festive, since Christmas is six days away, I thought I'd post the lyrics to "Rose's carol"!!

Silent Night
Composed by Franz Xaver Gruber and Joseph Mohr
Silent Night! Holy Night!
All is calm all is bright;
Round yon Virgin Mother and Child;
Holy Infant so tender and mild;
Sleep in Heavenly Peace,
Sleep in Heavenly Peace.

And, as I hum or sing this Christmas carol, Rose snoozes away!! "Sleep in Heavenly peace", girl. "Sleep in Heavenly peace"....


Stacey said...

great post and such a lovely song... love that one! merry christmas!

Raelyn said...

Thanks for commenting!!
Yeah.... I wrote "Sleep In Heavenly Peace" immediately following "Finally.... A Diagnosis". I NEVER PLANNED on making that an ENTIRE "non-dog" blog post!! ;-}
Merry Christmas to YOU--and Molly and Jess--too!! :)