Monday, December 5, 2011

National Mutt Day

It was Friday, December 2nd. I went about my usual morning routine: Woke up, let the cat outside, checked e-mail, read people's "dog blogs". Rose was sleeping peacefully on her comically-sized pillow in "our" bedroom. My "Lazy Bones" never wants to get up each morning.... I was groggy, and half-asleep, as I'm still fighting a head cold. Then.... I saw it!! A photograph box on the internet homepage's sidebar.... Of this mixed breed!! What's that about? I wondered. It contained an article on "hybrid" dogs. Out of curiosity, I clicked the story. And it taught me something!! December 2nd is National Mutt Day!! I was thrilled. Seriously? Today is National Mutt Day? There's an actual National Mutt Day? I thought. Yep. And, according to some online research, there is even a Web site, It was funded in 2005 by Pet Expert and Animal Welfare Advocate Colleen Paige. The Web site is fantastic!! National Mutt Day embraces, rescues and celebrates mixed breed canines!! Its mascot is Tyler, a suspected four-year old hound/Pointer mix. He's owned by actress Charlotte Ross. National Mutt Day encourages everyone to adopt a mixed breed dog on December 2nd. I visited my local Humane Society's Web site earlier this afternoon. It was filled with picture after picture after picture of homeless mixed breeds!! National Mutt Day suggests volunteering at any local shelter. Be a dog walker, perhaps? National Mutt Day encourages people to donate toward local shelters on December 2nd. They suggested only $5.00, but anybody can give more!! Or donate food and other supplies to local shelters. They are oft in need of such simple items. Like toys or dog beds. National Mutt Day even suggests that grieving owners donate in the name of a beloved lost mongrel!! Wow.... What wonderful ideas!! Well to me, December 2nd is now a holiday of the sorts!! I have it written on my calendar!! Any reason for celebration, I say!! I attended a large Christmas bazaar, with 1,000 booths that day. Among them, was this table selling locally-baked, thin organic dog biscuits. They came in three flavors. I bought Rose some peanut butter treats. My Beagle mix, of course loves them!! So we celebrated National Mutt Day in the most appropriate way possible to Rose: With food!! Yum.... Rose is the best mixed breed canine that I have ever had!! I cannot express this nearly enough. I could shout it on our rooftops!! Somehow, I love her more than any dog that I have ever known. Honestly!! Rose is beautifully unique.... As are all mixed breeds!! I am glad we have a day to set aside and celebrate mongrels!! They certainly deserve it!! And as a tall, short-haired, lanky volunteer at the Christmas bazaar's Humane Society's booth said: "Every day is a day to celebrate mutts!!" Agreed!!

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