Friday, January 14, 2011

Another Exciting Adventure

Well-mannered dogs are a pleasure to own!! They should be worry-free, stress reducing companions!! And with consistency, even an incorrigible dog can earn his "Canine Good Citizen" award!! So oft declare dog experts!! But it's my opinion that flawed canines arouse exciting adventures to our otherwise mundane existences!! One afternoon, Dad had constructed a sandwich. Miracle Whip, mustard, onions, ham and/or bacon, white bread, the works. Tempting ingredients for any Beagle mix!! He became slightly distracted, momentarily abandoning his creation atop our green kitchen counter. Bad idea.... He should have pushed his food further back against the wall.... For Rose possesses a cunning ability of balancing upon her hind legs, while stealing food off this location!! Suddenly, I noticed that sly mongrel. Furtively running away. From our kitchen. Her destination? My bedroom!! She seized this opportunity and was hoping for nobody to witness her!! Caught, "red pawed"!! Only I did not know what trouble she had encountered. Yet. The second I witnessed her chewing something, it was secret no more!! Oh, dear, Dad will be angry!! "No, Rose. Drop it...." I swiftly knelt down and gently pried her mouth open.... But every muscle within her must have grown tense, because she was not about to sacrifice this stolen treasure!! "No, Rose, No. Bad dog...." I battled her strong-willed jaws, while she fought back. My initial motive was worry. What unforeseen health problems can arise by Rose ingesting sodium-filled ham or greasy fried bacon? Next I silently hoped that Dad wouldn't notice. How impossible!! His sandwich was missing!! Keeping up the battle with Rose, I finally said: "You are not gonna win this!!" And she surrendered, releasing those stiff jaws!! I removed saliva soaked bread from her mouth--turned out that she only snatched the top half of Dad's lunch-- and yes, he discovered his partially disfigured sandwich!! Another exciting adventure....

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