Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hunting Dog

Canines can certainly possess numerous temperament issues!! Yet many dogs have what we humans deem as "behavioral problems", which truthfully are instinctive, ingrained, inbred, inherited habits!! These cannot be trained out of entirely!! Like Rose's "Beagle" bay!! That high-pitched, eardrum-piercing, unmistakable, "siren-like howl" which Rose bellows as though she's being stabbed each time family enters our front door!! I've attempted every notion to zero avail in correcting this--gently "muzzling" her mouth with my hand, commanding "Quiet"--neither idea took flight.... Until I began stroking that velvet-soft fur with a soothing, maternal verbal "Calm...."!! Nonetheless, my effort has merely worked by means of taming it.... For "Beagle" originates from the French gueule, which means "a clamorous, baying creature"!! This medium-sized hound opens his vocal chords with that "electrifying bawl" when hunting, when her nostrils detect the scent of rabbits, or other game. If memory serves me well, his "melodious baying" sends signals to her master, once some wild critter has been discovered!! Rose proved these very facts several weeks ago.... There was a beauteous hawk perched upon our neighbor's fence in the backyard. As resulted every minuscule, vulnerable bird fled toward safety. Except one poor small male. He crashed landed into our sliding glass door then lie on the patio, motionless. Rose grew excitable and bellowed this bay like I have never heard.... Meanwhile, I was enjoying a moment which God had bestowed upon me.... Or at least trying to!! Rose howled, bayed, howled, bayed some more. I watched the hawk. Facing our neighbor's yard, "She" spread "her" tail feathers. What is wrong with Rose? "Calm...." I repeatedly soothed. Bay, howl, bay, howl!! "Calm...". (Repeatedly). The hawk swooped through our neighbor's bushes.... Then returned!! Howl, bay, howl, bay!! Eventually, Rose pushed my buttons. "I am getting impatient!!" I said, smiling, still eying that hawk. Finally, "she" extended "her" lengthy wings.... And soared away!! Bay, howl, bay, howl.... I let Rose outside.... Forgetting about the poor minuscule male bird, who remained immobile. Rose stepped onto our cemented patio.... And snatched him!! She held the bird between her teeth!! "Rose, Rose, no, no!!" I screamed. "Drop it!!" Drop him she did.... Then, my canine literally hovered over his location!! Afterward, I was slightly shaken.... Until realization hit me that Rose had been misjudged!! She was not behaving poorly. But rather, listening to her instinctive nature!!

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