Monday, January 17, 2011

My Kind Of Dog

Canines enter and leave our existences so swiftly it seems that even ten years can soar past us in an incredible blur of memories. Dogs reveal everyone as vapors, plus teach their owners daily about never taking life for granted. On January 15th, 2011, a dear friend passed away. He was this medium-sized, sandy colored, curly haired Cocker Spaniel/Poodle cross named Andy. He belonged to our former neighbors. Several years ago, my sister and I would walk down the street, find their house, unlock the door, then play with him, walk him, plus give him, as well as Tejas, their aging coyote mix, treats. Andy proved himself quite a character from day one!! Seconds after meeting the guy, he lifted his leg and "marked" my sister's foot!! Andy was eventually somehow successfully taught to urinate in a squatting position, so he will not spray, yet still showed off this masculine behavior when no one watched!! Andy was piggish. Leave the lid off a jar containing his multi-flavored Milkbones and he would help himself until literally becoming ill, vomiting and/or experiencing diarrhea, which I cleaned!! Rose is actually quite similar in personality to Andy; She reminds me of him constantly!! When abandoned, he howled. If something "yummy" lie upon the city sidewalks, Andy ate it. He ingested everything!! Plus, Andy was a "cuddle bug". This morning, I recalled memories while stroking Rose's velvet-soft fur. And although her preference at that moment would have easily been in our backyard chasing squirrels, the sweet-natured mongrel lie down alongside me, occasionally gazing up at my face with soulful eyes. I believe she was listening.... To stories about this crossbreed she never knew. About Shadow's first "boyfriend". Listening.... And understanding every word. Andy did appear rather incorrigible sometimes.... They trained him, but he seemed stubborn!! My kind of dog.... Far from flawless, yet perfectly lovable!!

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Ruby said...

Oh, I am so sorry! Glad you have Rose to cheer you up- such a faithful companion!