Monday, January 10, 2011

My Bed

Ah, such is the life of dogs!! There are "people" foods which they cannot ingest for health and behavioral reasons alone. Furniture that's "off-limits". Plus rules, rules, rules!! Rose is gradually learning our boundaries, although she does tend to forget herself sometimes!! The leather love seat located near our living room window has suffered from scratches by my canine's sharp claws. Nonetheless, there is one sole piece of furniture that she can climb onto anytime.... Which in the beginning, this was "off-limits" as well. My bed. It has a nice, light tan wooden frame and is low to our carpeted floor. Immediately following Rose's adoption, I established the rule that she repel herself from the bed. Because I suffer from asthma, pet dander spread across where I sleep does not meet common sense. But pet dander has never triggered an attack!! Keeping Rose off my bed proved to be quite challenging!! After all I lie in those blankets every night.... They smell like me!! Excuses set aside, dogs adore their owner's odor!! But I remained consistent with her training. While she remained constant in disobedience!! Eventually, a certain circumstance accidentally changed this rule. But permitting Rose access to this bed, this haven, has eradicated her taking up residence upon every "off-limits" piece of furniture we own!! My bed allows her one place within our home where naughtiness is never tempted!! It's one place that she and I spend numerous hours together, producing memories. Plus, Rose is the perfect writer's dog.... Each time I type, she "digs" at the unmake blankets, until a "nest" is created. Then my faithful mongrel positions herself upon them, and falls asleep.... While also watching me work!!

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Ruby said...

You two are perfect for each other!!!!