Monday, January 3, 2011

Escape Artists

Events, misadventures, plus unforeseen tragedies.... Life can have a way of heaving them toward you!! Sometimes, unexpected happenings remain with a person forever.... And since history far too frequently repeats itself, these so-called "hardballs" inevitably strongly impact the way one overreacts toward future potential reruns. Nearly twelve years ago, in 1999, personal tragedy occurred, which caused my first heartbreak and plunged me into an slight depression. I was 15. Young. Ambitious. Head-over-heels in love with a mixed-breed tomcat named Yoda. This feline meant everything to me!! We had made an irresponsible mistake by procrastinating having him neutered. So, as resulted, Yoda possessed a wanderlust and would oft roam neighborhoods. I am certain that numerous females were impregnated because of him!! Yoda ran off on adventures frequently.... But always returned home!! Then one day, he disappeared.... Without a trace. We printed flyers, stapled them upon city telephone poles and waited.... I never saw Yoda again. My heart shattered.... The world as I knew it ended.... Slight depression commanded me and every memory, what few photographs I'd snapped were hidden away. Today, I'm vehemently in favor of the spay/neuter movement. My animals now all undergo this minor procedure!! Plus, I still think about him.... Over ten years later I feel robbed, because his second birthday was never celebrated. One soggy wet afternoon, history attempted to repeat itself. It happened so fast!! We were carrying in groceries. Suddenly, I heard a scream, then: "The dog's out!!" Rose had escaped through our open front door, after some cat!! I panicked. Overreacted. And ran.... What a poor choice that is: Chasing canines. They think we are playing!! When humans run after them, dogs always flee!! Plus, the odds stand against us.... Canines have four legs, we've merely two!! No matter how fast our feet hit the cemented pavement, dogs will win. But I chased Rose anyway. Initially, she stood motionless, snooping around our neighbor's front lawns. I should have crept silently up to her. Instead, I ran. Rose fled, further and further away, swiftly turning the corner.... My heart raced, adrenaline rushing through me, oxygen scarce, as I chased her, repeatedly screaming: "Rose, come!! COME!!" My worst fears regarding this situation surfaced within me. What if she disappears forever? I just lost a dog.... I don't wanna do it again!! Then, watching consistent flow of vehicles pass our busy street, another worry: If she steps into traffic, I'll helplessly watch her be killed.... Panicked and fretting, I only ran faster, screaming more energetically. Finally, my two legs caught up with Rose's four. I successfully took her collar.... Then stood frozen, trying to breathe, before walking her home. Now, whenever anyone enters or exits our house, I assure her safety!! This was a close call. Too close. Afterward, the love I had for Rose deepened.... I am eternally grateful. For she is still here, still alive, still mine!!

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Ruby said...

How scary that must have been for you! I was frightened just reading your account of it! Praise God for His mercy to you in protecting her!