Monday, January 31, 2011

Good Dog

Rose has never revealed herself as an incorrigible "bad dog". She is a submissive, very intelligent, quite trainable, and obedient canine. It makes me wonder if the German Shepherd/Italian Greyhound within her must make ideal "family pets", thus these twain breeds contribute to Rose's positive temperaments. Yes, sometimes my mongrel does not mind so well, occasionally Attention Deficit Disorder stands between us and obedience, sometimes she is stubborn, strong-willed, and naughty. Excuses set aside, these negative behaviors are a firm part of her "Beagle" nature!! For those medium-sized canines possess quite the "bad dog" reputation!! Although, as pack-oriented hounds, Beagles are more likely than not to have personable, docile temperaments, they can reveal aggression toward men, strangers, or worse, their owners.... And bite people. Thankfully, Rose doesn't have a mean bone within her!! Due to this instinctive nature of alerting their masters while hunting game, Beagles can be excessive barkers. Fortunately, Rose merely does that whenever she spies neighbors' felines pass through our backyard, and if someone rings the doorbell!! Beagles are sometimes destructive chewers, gnawing to shreds their owners' furniture--especially during puppyhood--because they're bored, anxious, or enjoy being naughty. The only material item Rose has ever destroyed was her brown dog pillow!! Due to hunting instincts, Beagles dig holes in their masters' beauteous backyard. Their impressive noses may detect curious scents beneath flat dirt, like bugs, underground rodents, or simply an intriguing odor. Also, during scorching Summer weather, these hounds seek shelter where our dirt's temperatures are low, thus constructing themselves countless large holes. Rose does not dig anything other than the blankets upon my bed.... And once there's warm sunshine, she bathes in it!! Beagles suffer from separation anxiety, dogging their masters everywhere, then panic, when "Mom" appears absent. If this is the situation, they will typically become destructive, howl and/or bark, have "accidents".... Rose did suffer from separation anxiety immediately following her adoption, but has since learned to trust our return!! Although Beagles are naturally happy-go-lucky creatures, some can exhibit shyness. Those who have endured the cruelty of abuse and neglect may act nervous, or fearful toward unidentified noises, items and people. Rose is 100% social!! Beagles can partake in submissive urination which occurs when they are excitable, and feel threatened or dominated. The hound will roll upon her back while exposing his abdomen, with ears positioned downward. Frequently, submissive urination is resulted during discipline or greeting time. Personally, I will take Rose's high-pitch baying over that!!

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Ruby said...

Yeah, I would take the baying over that!!! It doesn't stink, and you don't have to clean it up!