Monday, April 11, 2011


Some canines, for reasons far beyond their owner's comprehension, enjoy ingesting poop. Whether it be cat, rabbit, chicken, or another dog's feces, this revolting "treat" seems appealing to these four-legged beasts!! Various theories have claimed that canines eat their own poop because of a nutritional need, genetic trait, or learned behavior. Based on information from my "Training Your Beagle" book, hounds may even ingest feces due to an instinctive scavenging issue!! Whatever the reasons this behavior is revolting!! Agreed? Although there's no physical harm in his "indulging" of her own poop, obvious health risks are involved when he eats another canine's feces!! One afternoon, while exploring our backyard, Rose was caught "red pawed"!! I had stepped outside to check on her. Near a small tree she stood, neck bent downward. I looked closer. She was ingesting something!! But what? "Rose no!!" I yelled. My furtive mongrel turned around, looked at me, and swiftly went back to her "treasure". She gulped it down greedily. By then, to my disgust, I already solved the "mystery" of what Rose had been eating. Poop!! "Ew!! Rose, ew!!" I shrieked. In a nanosecond, it was gone!! Great.... "You're not kissing me, today!!" I exclaimed. Our backyard always stays fairly clean. I pick up her droppings twice a week, which seems enough. This event of stool eating has, best to my observation, only happened twice. And rest assured, Rose shows zero interest in the tasting of any other dog's feces!! But I refuse to allow her!! If there is a pile somewhere, I do not let my hound near enough for sniffing!! Better safe than sorry.... I've even picked up other canine's droppings along with Rose's!! This way, our "neighborhood" keeps clean.... Plus I have no problems to fret about!! Still, the question remains: Sans excuses, why do dogs enjoy ingesting poop?

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Ruby said...

You are so patient and loving toward Rose!