Monday, April 11, 2011

Educational Dog Book!!

Alright. It is high time that I recommend this particular pet health resource book which has been mentioned in several of my previous posts!! "Earl Mindell's Nutrition & Health for Dogs: Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy with Natural Preventive Care and Remedies" by Earl Mindell and Elizabeth Renaghan. What I love about this reference book adds up to countless reasons!! For starters, throughout its final chapter, Mindell mentions the most common illnesses which plague purebreds. This way, when you are considering adoption, his listings come in handy!! It mentions ailments, such as arthritis or constipation and how best to apply treatments. This book also explains symptoms of more serious diseases like cancer or kidney failure. It is quite informational regarding vitamins, minerals, nutrition.... plus much, much, more!! Now I do not follow every word of advice in "Nutrition & Health for Dogs". Rose's meals aren't home-made, her water isn't from store-bought bottles, I don't bake my mongrel's treats. But I flip through--and read!!--this book probably more frequently than any other pet reference material I own!! The downside of "Earl Mindell's Nutrition & Health for Dogs" would be that its author is not in veterinary practice!! However, he's a doctor--for humans--who has completed his research prior to this book's publishing!! What a helpful, educational read!!

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