Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fascinating Fact!!

I meant to include this information in Thursday's post, but forgot!! Here is a veterinarian's perspective on what may--or may not--have actually been part of Rose's adjustment process....

(Taken from "What's Wrong with My Dog?"; Found in the section "My Dog Is Pooping Everywhere")

Have there been any recent chances in your dog's environment? From the most dramatic home renovations to something as simple as changing the away message on your telephone answering machine, changes in what your dog hears, sees, and smells throughout the day can affect his bowel habits. If the inappropriate eliminations have come on suddenly without any medical reason, look hard at your dog's surroundings for an explanation.

Interesting!! (Although I still wonder if Rose's issues were resulted in little or zero love and attention.) Jake Tedaldi has a valid point here. Think about it: Rose resided with potentially negligent owners, escaped, was wrangled by respectable dog catchers, placed in this kennel, lived at their shelter, then I adopted her.... All during such a short span of time!! Poor girl.... She is well adjusted now!!

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