Monday, April 18, 2011


Pet experts advise that whenever a canine's toy is worn or tattered to throw it away and purchase something new. This way, owners evade choking hazards. (On thread, rubber plastic, cotton....) Plus unnecessary and expensive trips to the veterinarian!! Recently, Kermit, Rose's plush green frog squeak/pull plaything had a hole on one of his limbs. It was minuscule in size, this puncture. I could easily navigate the tip of my pinky finger through Kermit's "wound". Plus, Rose has never proven herself destructive toward any toy!! So, truly, there were zero choking hazards here!! Nonetheless, last week we drove to Wal-Mart. And among the items scribbled upon my list was: "Squeak Toy--Rose". Kermit's replacement. It was uncertain whether or not this large-franchise store would meet my mental expectations.... Or even sell something similar to the Booda brand frog plaything which I bought elsewhere. So I searched their pet isle. Studied each and every toy. Nothing. Then.... I saw "her"!! This adorable floppy-eared, droopy-limbed bunny!! "She" is plush, with a squeaker in the pit of her belly!! This plaything is different, not hairy like most plush dog toys. Whoever sewed her used a darling fabric pattern, as she has orange, baby blue, pink, and "fuchsia" hearts all over its white background!! Too cute!! Needless to mention, I was quite smitten!! Wal-Mart did not disappoint that time!! I returned home to a usually hyperactive, excitable, baying Beagle mix and presented Rose her bunny. Turns out, I was not the only one smitten by this toy!! My mongrel loved her at first "squeak"!! While Rose was standing in our kitchen, Uncle Mike pressed the belly. Squeak, squeak, squeak squeak!! She bounded toward him with gusto and snatched the rabbit away as though thinking: "Mine!!" Then came time to steal Kermit. I took him, found a large kitchen storage baggie and dropped the frog inside. My plan is to hide Kermit away for memories sake. I should never have done this in front of Rose!! She watched me with intent, her forehead furrowed, ears perked, eyes fixated on his every move.... Oh, my heart broke into a million pieces!! I felt so terrible taking away this treasured frog of hers!! "Say farewell to Kermit...." I announced. She was resilient!! Now Rose chews on the bunny's lengthy ears, and "hugs" this new plaything between her front legs!! How darling.... I named this bunny "Valentine", after her heart print, of course!!

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