Monday, April 4, 2011

Four-legged Neighbors

Residing along our cul-de-sac are seven canines, excluding Rose. Zeke, Venus, Puffy, Sammy, Nero, Ariel, and Brandy. Behind our house lives Sophie, who I affectionately count as canine number eight. Among all of these four-legged neighbors, Rose has become acquainted with literally half!! Sammy, Zeke, Puffy, and Sophie!! We have yet to meet the happy-go-lucky, tail-wagging barking Nero, or his massive-sized "sister", Ariel. Perhaps someday.... Our encounter with the tiny ebony-colored yapping Brandy was proven unsuccessful!! Her owners were walking. It was around 10PM, from the opposite end of our cul-de-sac. We were walking as well. Our paths crossed. Rose, eager as ever to meet this creature, bellowed her high-pitched bay. Unfortunately for us, the mini black Brandy is a "scaredy-cat", so she swiftly scurried away from my howling hound!! Oops. Her masters seem amicable, at least!! Then you have Venus. She acts aggressive toward all canines, minus Zeke!! One of Rose's many little buddies is Sammy. According to Sammy's owner she's a Miniature Schnauzer. But there seems something different about this girl.... Sammy's fur is curly, and Schnauzers possess wiry coats. Plus Sammy's ears stand erect, far from a Schnauzer's typical floppy hearing organ!! Rose's first meet with this unique-looking "Schnauzer" began with an escape on Sammy's behalf. While we were walking, her owner had opened the front door and.... Out ran Sammy!! This surprised me, but he was aware of her fleeing!! Rose and Sammy exchanged some sniffs.... Quickly they became buddies!! Sammy wore no collar, so he had to pick his canine up. But she seldom ever wanders far!! Rose has visited with Sammy twice during the "Schnauzer's" walk, although mostly they greet each other when Sammy escapes!! (On more than one occasion, Rose and I have needed to "herd" Sammy home!!) Either way, each chance she gets, Rose loves seeing her!! Sammy seemingly adores my mongrel.... The other afternoon, I was walking Rose, when suddenly, there was a loud, frantic "No!!" We were just past Sammy's house. I turned around, as did my girl, to witness Sammy!! Immediately, I was on "herding" alert again. "Come on, Sammy, let's take you home." I coaxed, calmly. All she wanted was Rose.... The "Schnauzer" caught whiff of my dog's scent and darted toward her!! How I love the fact that Rose is friends with half of our "neighborhood" canines!!

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