Friday, April 8, 2011

Quality Time

In this environment where I live, our weather is oft rainy. Glum, dismal clouds frequent the skies all throughout Winter. And sometimes they carry over to Spring or Summer. On a positive note, one can never take for granted an evening welkin filled with twinkling stars!! And warm, sunshine-bathed afternoons are also something to be appreciated!! One of Rose's favorite "quality time" moments with me is lying in our front yard, her leash wrapped around my wrist, as she watches the world pass by. Whatever occurs--boys return from school, felines cross streets, neighbors tend their gardens--Rose's neck turns, from side to side, ears perked, forehead furrowed!! Every movement, every sound, every change of scenery, she observes!! All while my hands gently stroke her sunshine-baked velvet-soft fur. Earlier today, we were partaking in this "quality time" moment, followed by our afternoon walk. As usual, old neighbor Gary was tending to his front yard, and boys returned from school. There were no street-crossing cats, like last time. However, today we suddenly heard this call of a bird!! Rose's head glanced upward, as did mine. Twain hawks, with their lengthy, stained-glass wings extended, soared above tall trees!! They were chasing each other, gracefully gliding across blue skies, periodically crying!! Rose kept her fixated stare, while I slapped both hands upon my lips. Wow.... These incredible birds of prey never cease to astonish me!! Rose's idea of "a dog's day" involves rolling across cool, damp grass, running circles around our fenced backyard, stalking squirrels, bathing in the warm sunshine, lounging around on my bed.... Plus lying near me as neighbors, felines, boys and hawks pass us by!! I couldn't disagree....

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