Friday, April 29, 2011

Rose's Second Hike

I love the environment where we reside!! Frequent rainstorms which contribute to fresh, lovely greenery. Towering Douglas Fir trees that reach for our broad heavens. Several diverse mountains-- some volcanic--which appear beauteous when blanketed in freezing white snow. I am blessed here as a nature fanatic. Blessed beyond measure!! In this environment where we live there are seemingly countless park and recreation locations, many which allow canines. Plus numerous dog-friendly trails to trek!! Last week, we took Rose on her second "hike" in ten days!! Truth be told, it was really merely a nice walk around the State Park, but fantastic nonetheless!! Our weather was deep blue skies and sunshine.... Spring seemed to have arrived at last!! Rose loves riding within the old Chevy minivan which we drive!! For anywhere is an adventure awaiting her!! She rides within our vehicle with excitable anticipation. Such an innocent trust that the destination will be positive!! "You're going with us, Rose!! We're going on a hike!!" I exclaimed. That last word--hike--my bright girl must have recognized!! For suddenly she lost all self control!! Like this child anticipating Disneyland, Rose went completely berserk!! She whined joyously, leapt in the air toward the leash, bayed loudly, balanced upon her hind legs, pawed our front door.... I stepped outside with my hyperactive, temporarily out-of-control mongrel. And she literally made a beeline toward our minivan!! Once inside the vehicle, Rose positions her front paws upon its windows. She gazes out at a passing world. And repeatedly reveals her rare, "magic Italian Greyhound" smile. She seldom sits or lies down. Too many sites to see for that!! Once arrived at the State Park, she immediately began sniffing a nearby tree!! We walked around picnic tables, some occupied, others vacant. This place has posts stationed throughout where you can read factual information about two men in our state's history. As always, we read them. Then, I swiftly lead Rose along a dirt path where our "hike" began!! She blazed that trail, smelling anything her nostrils could detect!! Rose smiled the entire way, tongue hanging low. Of course, being a canine, she urinated on countless occasions, marking the territory!! It appeared quite obvious that Rose was enjoying herself to immense capacities!! Amazingly enough, there were zero other dogs--or people--hiking this dirt path. Unfortunately however, somebody had previously walked it.... My eyes spied broken glass everywhere!! From a beer bottle!! We cautiously navigated around this hazardous litter, careful as to evade getting any glass stuck within Rose's paws!! Eventually, she had a bowel movement. I reached through my jean's pocket. Pulled out a newspaper bag. I stooped over to pick it up.... But before I could, like a bull preparing to charge, she wildly kicked her hind legs, flying in the air Earth's debris and, as resulted, her pooh was buried!! Great.... I somehow cleaned it anyway!! Immediately following her feces burying act, we ventured down toward sandy waters. A canine frolicked and played off-leash, which caught Rose's interest.... And produced my fears of aggressive dog bite!! But she is submissive. My good girl redirects well!! I simply walked her a short distance away until "he" was finished running!! Next we stepped--or leapt in Rose's case!!--over logs, brambles, sticks, plus water. During the car ride home Rose peered through its windows every now and then. Mostly she collapsed--tired--on the carpeted floor.

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