Monday, August 22, 2011

Know Your Dog

Mixed breed dogs are unique in many diverse ways. Their temperaments, sizes, health problems, plus behavioral issues, can vary greatly. Adopt a sweet-natured Golden Retriever, and you get an obedient, wonderful family canine. Hairy, yes. Large-sized, check. But she will be your kindly, trustworthy companion.... Forever. Adopt a versatile German Shepherd, and you might get this bored, restless, nervous dog that can act dangerously vicious. They shed, as well. But cross these twain breeds, and chances are you will get a canine with contrast temperaments!! Trust me!! He will be like a Rin Tin "Grin"!! That is no joke!! She will possess dual "personalities": Easy to train versus dominance aggression. Seriously!! She may even qualify as a creature that suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder!! And his "symptoms" could not be more different from each other!! (Sometimes happy-go-lucky, sometimes belligerent....) But then, you can adopt a Border Collie mix that, based upon her temperament, may as well be purebred!! (Breed description: He was born to herd sheep. Flocks of them. She needs to work for happiness and requires regular mental stimulation, plus physical exercise.) Basically, Border Collies have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. So how do owners of mixed breed dogs successfully train such unique four-legged beasts? Simple. Take the time to intimately become acquainted with your canine!! Her temperament. What breed he seems the most like. (If that is possible.) Research the breed. Her drive. Whatever approach works best for him, provided that it is humane. Really!! Rose is one-hundred percent hound dog in that food seems to be a major motivator for her!! Do not just verbally praise my mongrel. Find a treat somewhere!! Give it to her!! Start that tradition and she may never allow you to forget!! As Rose glances upward, tongue licking her lips.... A fine visual reminder right there!! She is also headstrong. Or stubborn. Perhaps even strong-willed. I cannot give commands to Rose in a gentle, soft tone!! No. I need my voice to remain firm, yet patient. Like I mean business. Every mixed breed canine arrives with certain special needs. If dog owners do not take the time to get to know what makes them who they are, how can we train these mutts with success?

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