Friday, August 5, 2011

Take This Challenge

"Be the person your dog thinks you are!!"

Probably everyone has seen or heard this popular phrase. It is hand-painted on plaques. Engraved into jewelry. Proudly displayed upon T-shirts. Merchandise featuring this sentence is sold in catalogs. At county fairs. Even Christmas bazaars sell it. Seriously. It is everywhere!! But what, exactly, does this popular phrase mean? Is its significance different depending on an individual's perspective? Probably. Rose thinks the world of me!! To her, I am a strong woman, both physically and emotionally. I'm wise. I am fearless. I'm nurturing. I am maternal. I'm patient. I am loving. I care for Rose. I feed her twice daily. We walk several times a week. I train Rose. I give her treats. I awake with my mongrel during ungodly hours for bathroom breaks. She must think that I am the most unselfish being who was ever born!! But like many females, I possess a very low opinion of myself. I am not strong. (I have grown into an emotional wimp!!) I am not wise. (I feel illiterate most of the time!!) I am not fearless. (Minuscule spiders and the dark frighten me!!) I am not nurturing, or maternal. Yet, Rose thinks the world of me? Hmmm.... "Be the person your dog thinks you are." This phrase is fantastic advice. If every canine owner attempted to be the individual that their four-legged friends believe they are.... We would each feel a greater sense of self-confidence. Male and female. We would all walk about feeling self-assured. Really!! We would never possess a low opinion of ourselves. Never. So join me. Take this challenge. And "Be the person your dog thinks you are.". Whoever that is.

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