Monday, August 15, 2011

R-O-S-E Spells Rose

I knew this grown woman who attended my church. As resulted to an illness, she was mentally and physically disabled. Quite severely. A unique individual this woman was!! Colorful would most likely describe her best!! Yet, what an incredible example, she was, of perseverance to me!! This woman would oft say the funniest things--like a child--and leave everyone laughing!! One Sunday, she approached me and said: "Your name has a "D" in it, because you're 'dancy' when you walk." Awww, sweet!! (My real name is not Raelyn. Seriously!! That's sort of like my "Secret Identity"!! Honest!! My given name has a "D" in it!!) Alright. So, in honor of this woman, who has since lost her battle to cancer, I have written one. About my mongrel, of course!!

Rose: Her name has an "S" in it, because she's soft-furred!!

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