Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Who's THAT Pretty Face?"

Rose is such a curious creature!! About everything!! Sometimes I am certain that if she were a child and could speak, Rose would ask me thousands of questions with each passing second!! What's that? Who's outside? Why, Mama? Oh, if only she could talk so that I can provide her mind with answers!! Our closet doors in my bedroom are tall, built-in mirrors. Ever since the beginning, when we first adopted Rose, she has appeared seemingly attracted to them!! Seriously!! Rose would be walking along, and exploring "our" new room, until she froze in place. Facing the mirror!! My mongrel's eyes would be fixated upon her reflection, almost with longing. Adorable!! I could practically see the questions just spilling out of her brain!! (Who's that pretty face? Is it a boy or a girl? Why does he have floppy ears? Can I meet him? Does she want to be my friend?) Well.... Okay. Considering the very fact that Rose can whimper or bay toward strange canines, and she was always calm during these situations, my bright girl must not have literally thought of her reflection as another dog!! Anyway. She still stares at herself today!! What a silly canine I own!! Nowadays, whenever Rose fixes her eyes upon those mirrors, she is lazily lounging around "our" bed!! That shiftless hound!! On the head of "our" bed, she rests against my fleece home-sewn Boston Red Sox pillow. Aww.... Rose's head lies upon my pillow, her eyes stare at the closet doors. Wondering. With a solemn expression written across her face in the meantime. Seemingly asking: Who's that pretty face? Is it a boy or a girl? Why does she have floppy ears? Can I meet her? Does he want to be my friend? Perhaps Rose does speak. Only telepathically. Maybe my mongrel does ask thousands of questions with each passing second!! Who knows. Now if only I were some sort of a psychic, with the cunning ability to read minds!!

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