Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our New Schedule

Newsflash: Over one month ago was July 4th. America's birthday. Bottle rockets and other fireworks exploded in seemingly every direction.... All weekend long. Plus several days to follow. It was madness, as always!! Ever since then, Rose has refused to partake in our daily evening walks. I would feed my mongrel her pumpkin at 9:50. Fasten the harness. Link her leash. And, around 9:55, we would step outside. Or not!! We would never even leave our front lawn before Rose's stubborn muscles tensed up!! Really?! Our goal is for Rose to urinate before bed. This has seldom occurred. The positive? She has had zero accidents!! Yes!! It feels as though I have wandered an endless circle in attempting to solve this problem. All alone. Trying to find solutions. And I have run out of ideas!! The fireworks are gone. Long gone. They are no more. The only bottle rockets which still exist are within Rose's head!! I have tried being firm. One night I gently pulled my headstrong girl--while she yanked back in return--clear down our cul-de-sac!! This took thirty minutes of tug and stop, take a breather, begin again!! It is exhausting!! Both physically and emotionally!! Not to mention, it looks terrible!! Me, pulling a poor canine down the street.... Have I no decency? I've tried being gentle to the extreme. We slowly take our time. Zero pressure. Rose can sniff bushes. She is allowed to freeze in motion. I am relaxed and completely patient with her. Yet neither option works!! I have struggled to maintain my sanity and evade frustration. But every night, I "fight with Rose"!! It reached a point to where I no longer excitedly anticipated our walks. I dread them!! But finally, I gained some wisdom. I mentally threw up my hands in surrender. So currently, our evening walks are extinct. Now, I feed Rose her pumpkin at 9:50. Next, I fasten the harness. Link her leash. And toward our backyard we go!! But not without a battle, of course!! We step out the sliding glass door. That part is easy. She cooperates fine with leaving the house!! But, my mongrel stops dead in her tracks once we are outside!! Seriously!! She puts on her breaks at the end of our patio!! Why me? I have tried pulling Rose everywhere in the privacy of our backyard. No success!! So now what? I stargaze!! Alongside a very reluctant Rose!! The August skies are just filled with tiny sparkling stars!! I have arranged this long white plastic lawn chair and positioned it next to "Dougie", our rapidly-growing future Christmas tree. There I sit, staring upward. Rose's red leash connected to my right wrist, I "hold her hostage" for about five minutes. This way, she learns just how safe the darkened outside world truly is. Thus far, it's proven unconvincing.

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