Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Absent-minded Outfielder

Several months ago, we drove to a nearby park. This location has everything: swings, climbing structures, slides. Picnic benches, a covered eating area. For reservations only. Basketball "courts", a volleyball net, baseball fields. Plus tree-lined trails to hike on. We frequent this local park monthly, sometimes weekly, even, during the Spring and Summer months!! Our lunch is usually bagels with cream cheese, potato chips, and Oreo cookies for "dessert". Several months ago, however, we did something a little different. Our lunch was cooked at Panda Express. With fortune cookies for "dessert". I love Chinese food!! Our main activity at this park is to play baseball. There are only four of us, so we would not make an actual team. But who cares? We rotate around and allow everyone a chance to hit, pitch, catch, or outfield. Because of our highly anticipated "games", I have never brought along Rose. What to do? Rose is half Beagle, and fast. She cannot be off-leash. Ever. Tie her lead to the batting fence, and what if she comes loose? Abandoning Rose in our van is not right, either. She could swiftly die this way!! So, I leave her home. Despite the fact that this park allows canines. At least she is safe there!! But several months ago, we decided to bring her along for the ride. Finally!! It was undecided whether or not I would participate in anything except "cheerleader" for our baseball "game". At first. But I played outfielder.... Alongside Rose!! Before we arrived, there were three people visiting this park: two women and one little girl. Plus a very, very, very yappy dog. For reasons beyond our comprehensions, they had set up this tent. On the baseball field. But we played anyway!! The outfield can certainly be a boring place to occupy, when nobody is hitting balls in our direction!! But not for Rose!! I believe that every canine has some form of Attention Deficit Disorder.... Perhaps this serves as a reason for why I relate to dogs so well? My girl probably has the worst form of ADD. Being part hound, Rose is downright absent-minded!! Rose instantaneously wanted the twain ladies' little canine--which they had tied to a sturdy cable--not far from where she and I stood!! But I kept patiently redirecting her from "him".... As best as one could under such circumstances. Rose was so well behaved!! Only a few whines came from her vocal chords.... There was absolutely no high-pitched baying!! Amazingly!! I was impressed.... And Rose received praise aplenty!! Whenever somebody actually hit the ball, together we ran!! "Go, Rose!! Go, go, go!!" I enthusiastically screamed. "Go" she obediently went!! But only because her red leash was attached securely to my right arm!! Rose obviously had zero options.... When I chased our ball, so did she!! And at the sound of my coaching, the women's little dog let out a comical "yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap!!" Every time. It was hilarious!! We had our own personal canine cheerleader!! And, in spite of all this commotion, Rose was perfectly fine!! Still no howling!! Yes!! I heaved our ball unnaturally toward my "teammates": left handed. Immediately following, Rose would distract herself by staring in the direction of the little yapping dog.... While letting out a few whines. Huffing and puffing, I praised my mongrel. Then I gently redirected her from "his" barking. The lady with short hair actually needed to remove our yapping "cheerleader".... Although "he" never bothered us!! Now, Rose's Attention Deficit Disorder was all about smells. Rose sniffed here, there, anywhere she could.... Until the ball interrupted her!! Then, with a "Go, go, go!!" we ran!! Eventually, however, Rose and I had to desert the outfield. In all honesty. For she pooped.... And somebody needed to clean it up!! I abide by the laws.... Unlike many disrespectful owners!! So I reached into my left jean pocket for an empty recycled newspaper bag. Cleaned her poop up. Then I walked away. I found the nearest trash can, and disposed of it!! Wow.... Playing outfield was never so exciting!!


Stacey said...

Ah I love chinese too and good call on the oreo's for dessert!

Sounds like such a fun day! we don't have anything like that here.

and I actually LOL'd at Rose's ADD! She's such a cutie!

Raelyn said...

Thank-you for the comment!!
Well, I have Attention Deficit Disorder, although it was NEVER really diagnosed. So I can TRULY RELATE to Rose. Perhaps I am part hound, too.... Kidding!! ;)
Oh, I KNOW that Rose is a cutie.... As are Molly and Jess!! ;op